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March 24, 1996


What is the Internet and the World Wide Web?

The Internet is a computerized system for sharing information. Computers are linked with phone lines, and users can communicate to more than 25 million people worldwide. The Internet includes electronic mail, the World Wide Web and commercial on-line services such as America Online and CompuServe.

The World Wide Web also is connected to computer users worldwide. Users of the Web can share graphics, video and sound. With the proper computer equipment, people can look at the millions of pages designed by others or can design their own pages to be included on the Web.

What equipment do I need to include my business on the Internet and the World Wide Web?

At least eight megabytes of RAM, a fast processor, a high resolution color monitor and a modem with a speed of at least 28.8 bites per second.

How much will it cost?

A computer best suited to use the World Wide Web will cost about $2,000. Some people may need to consult with a professional to install the necessary software.

The rate for connection to the Internet using a normal business phone line is about $25 a month. The rate for connection using a phone line dedicated to Internet use is about $150 a month.

To hire someone to create a commercial World Wide Web site and maintain it for four to six months will cost about $500.

How do you get connected?

Internet service providers are local and national companies that furnish access to the Internet for a monthly fee. Lawrence has several providers to choose from.

The companies will help you get access to the Internet and will often provide the computer programs necessary to help you scan the Net for general topics. The programs are called "browsers."

How do I get a Web page?

Individuals can design their own multimedia page or hire professionals, who are often called "Webmasters." A page can include anything from a simple resume to a complicated animated feature with sound and video components.

After a Web page is designed, it can be registered with Web directories -- called search engines -- to ensure Internet users can find the page by typing in a topic or title.

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