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March 24, 1996


Students in Latin have been assigned a creative project of their choice based on the general theme of mythology. Proposals include drawing, painting, sculpting, acting, collage, film and model-building, among others.

Fourth- and sixth-hour eighth-grade science classes are blasting off rockets today. They have been studying Newton's laws of motion. The rockets are made from plastic pop bottles, cardboard, water and construction paper. An air compressor is used to pump air into a finished product. A prize will be given to: best in flight (longest), closest landing to launch pad, best in design and best in flight.

  • Mrs. Stussie's freshman English class has been working on poetry portfolios. They will choose the poem they are most proud of and copy it onto handmade paper they created. The poems will be on display for the rest of the student body.

  • The young women's conference in Kansas City will be April 3. This year's theme is "A Young Woman's Place Is Everywhere." Participants choose from seminars such as "Finding Your Place In Medicine," "Engineering Your Life," "Public Displays of Private Intelligence: Where are the Bright Girls?" and "College Life Survival Skills." The Lawrence Memorial Hospital field trip will be April 11. Knowledge Master Open Competitor will be April 17. The Holocaust seminar will be April 19. Survivors, hidden children, children of survivors and others will speak about experiences related to the Holocaust.

  • Representatives from Black Male Brothers, Women of Color and Native American Youth Leaders recently gave presentations at the Kansans of Color Conference in Manhattan. Students discussed how their organizations were a means of support and encouragement in leadership and self-esteem. Dominique Cornelius, Donovan Romero and Marissa Romero dressed in tribal clothing. Marissa and Donovan did a presentation in American Indian sign language. Cassie Kelly read a poem to express her pride in her heritage and South Junior High. Other students attending were Shirley Anyanwu, Leaandrea Johnson, Himee Kamatuka, Loy Ukpokodu, Will Ekpo, Steven Byington and Jamie Tanner. Faculty sponsoring the students were Janice Mauch, Sherman Williams, Sharon Goolsby and Russell Blackbird. Parent Sharon Romero also helped with the conference.

  • On March 14, Native American Youth Leaders sponsored a Native American Cultural Assembly. Students from Haskell Indian Nations University assisted.

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