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March 24, 1996


Douglas County Community Corrections will hold a graffiti cleanup using people in the program.

Convicted criminals will help disinfect a rash of graffiti that has appeared recently in Lawrence.

In response to increased graffiti on several buildings in recent days, Douglas County Community Corrections issued a statement saying anyone whose property is spray-painted should contact its office.

The corrections program, using people doing community service work, will hold a graffiti cleanup on April 13.

Businesses and people who want to be included in the cleanup may call 842-8414.

"We've done this for a couple of years now," said Elaine Hicks, director of Community Corrections. "We haven't done much publicity on it because (the graffiti) has kind of died down. But now it's on the increase, and we want to let businesses know about the program."

At least two businesses and several homes will be repainted in the cleanup, which will be done by six to 10 people in Community Corrections.

People in the program include those who have been sentenced to do community corrections work following a crime and people who are on work release from the Douglas County Jail. A total of about 120 people are in the program.

Phil Sisson, owner of The Phil Zone, said he was happy when Community Corrections officials asked if his business would be interested in the program. The Phil Zone, 1405 Mass., was hit by graffiti artists overnight Tuesday.

"I was so ecstatic when they called," he said. "It will save me time and time is money. It's awesome that they are doing this."

The previous night, vandals sprayed graffiti on the south and east walls of a building under construction at 1026 Mass., police reported.

And early Sunday, four juveniles and an adult were detained by police and later released after they admitted to spray-painting Ted's Auto Werks and rocks on Kansas River Levy in North Lawrence.

Rose Crady, co-owner of the auto repair shop, said three of the children who spray-painted the business have apologized to her and her husband, Ted.

"I told them they can paint a mural on it, if they wanted," she said.

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