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March 7, 1996


Douglas County taxpayers have until March 15 to file lists of their taxable personal property with the county appraiser's office.

Rendition forms were mailed in January to property owners who paid the tax last year. The forms must be filled out, signed and returned before the county appraiser can determine how much personal property tax a resident or business will owe this year.

The completed forms should contain a list of such taxable personal property as boats and boat motors, jet skis, all-terrain vehicles, airplanes, trailers, mobile homes, golf carts, business equipment and machinery, large trucks and mo-peds.

Automobiles and pickup trucks need not be reported on the list.

Douglas County Appraiser Marion Johnson said late filers will be charged a penalty.

Commercial personal property renditions will contain a list of property declared in 1995. Johnson said property owners should make additions or deletions to that list.

However, for individual property owners, no previous list will accompany the 1996 form.

The appraiser's office will be performing audits on some renditions to verify their accuracy, Johnson said.

Taxes based on the property declared on the forms will be due in two parts, on Dec. 20, 1996, and June 20, 1997.

Taxpayers who will owe the tax but didn't receive a form may obtain one at the appraiser's office in the Douglas County Courthouse, 11th and Massachusetts, or by calling 832-5288.

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