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June 29, 1996


Some apartment residents whose carport was spray-painted this week with the words "City of Dope" said they were not overly concerned about it.

"I just think it's some silly prank done by a bunch of kids," said Jeanette St. Peter, a Kansas University student who lives in the area.

The carport, in the 2000 block of University Drive, was painted between midnight Sunday and 2 a.m. Monday, residents said.

"City of Dope" was painted in relatively large letters that covered the wall on the north side. Green spray paint also was used on the north and west sides.

A symbol resembling a hand and the word "Cusdos" were among other symbols and words painted.

"We just kind of joke about it," St. Peter said. "We just tell people that we're living at the 'City of Dope.'"

Police were investigating the criminal damage as if it were gang-related although there was no evidence that it was, said Sgt. Susan Hadl, police spokeswoman.

The owner of the property is Newsom Construction Co., Hadl said, which plans to remove the graffiti.

A damage estimate for the incident wasn't immediately available.

Under a new anti-graffiti ordinance passed by the city, private property owners are responsible for removing graffiti on their buildings.

Assistance for property owners who want graffiti cleaned is available by calling Community Corrections at 842-8414.

People also may call the city's Waste Recycling and Recovery Division at 832-3026 to find out if recycled paint is available to cover graffiti.

Citizens who see graffiti are asked to contact police at 841-7210.

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