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June 19, 1996


* Jane Ann Junge to Richard F. Burke and Sheryl A. Lemesany; 2502 University Dr.

  • T. Michael and Marilyn S. Amyx to Norma J. Fernandez; 1403 Brighton Circle.
  • Betty Herren to Jeff W. Hatfield, Gregory Polk and Kevin Flanninga; tract in NE1/4 of 33-12-19, vacant lot.
  • Patricia A. Collinson to Del R. Hedgepath; 1926 Maine.
  • Salb Construction Inc. to Robert J. and Darla L. Saia; 1708 E. 29th.
  • Scott and Deborah L. Shields to Thomas Scot and Ella S. Fellers; 2441-43 Winterbrook Dr.
  • J.K. Construction Inc. to Richard and Sharlyn M. Fulks; 4216 Jayme Dr.
  • Jeffrey D. and Kimberly D. Sonnich to Minnie Mae Clevenger; 2546 Cedarwood Ave.
  • Coffman Construction Inc. to Jarod B. and Jodi L. Lewis; 2721 Ann Court.
  • Ray K. Slyter, Hazel H. Slyter and Mark F. Slyter to Michael Christopher Miller; 417 Ind.
  • K.C. Builders Inc. to William A. Kelly and Patricia A. Collinson; 1301 Stone Meadows Dr.
  • Howard Dean Lawrenz, trustee, to Scott T. and Kim M. Moore; 37 E. 2200 Rd.
  • Darrell G. and Annalea P. Bowersox to David R. and Sharon L. Hulse; 1012 Seventh, Baldwin.
  • Victor C. and Kari K. Gorton to Shimin Zou and Wenjing Lin; 2421 Jacob Ave.
  • Ralph L. Jr. and Kayelen Hess and Wesley A. Jr. and Linda A. Jackson to John Johnson; 1514 N. 700 Rd.
  • Dwight Perry Construction Inc. to James T. and Lora A. Harwood; 2821 Kensington Rd.
  • Sandra S. Merrifield and Walter R. Babbit to Linda L. Lips; tract in SE1/4 of 4-15-19, vacant lot.
  • Land Concepts Inc. to Blaufelder Construction and Erik and Amy Blaufelder; one lot in the 1600 block of Mustang Dr., Baldwin.
  • James P. and Teresa F. Deters to Dorothy M. Phillips; 608 Lake.
  • Joyce T. Witulski to Louise J. Shirer; 525 Sandpiper Dr.
  • McGrew Real Estate Inc. to Nancy J. and Ann G. Hedrick; 201 Woodgate Place.
  • John W. and Helen H. Scanlan to Ernest P. and Ann W. Haley and Robert S. and Jan Haley Maxwell; 553-555 Schwarz Rd.
  • Clarence W. and Helen M. Stone to Robert G. and Wendy K. Rose; 437 Ohio.
  • Arthur M. Nease to Helen K. and Norman F. Gee; 1701 Ky.
  • David F. and Pearl J. Hurtig to Ricky Joe Montgomery and Shelley Lynn Kelley; 3916 Monterey Place.
  • Carlos J. and Carmen V. Alexander to David W. and Judity M. Brzoska; 826 Iowa.
  • Louise J. Shirer to Elizabeth A. Zayat and Elaine G. Jones; 3914 Willshire Dr.
  • Charles D. Nehrbass to Lesley A. and Christopher C. Huston; one lot in the 1000 block of E. Fifth, Lecompton.
  • Jon M. and Rose M. Harrel to Chung-Han and Ai-Lun Chou; 2933 Iris Lane.
  • DeVel Development Inc. to Ezell-Morgan Construction Co. Inc.; one lot in the 500 block of Yorkshire Dr.
  • Jay D. Pine to Danny G. Basel and Deborah A. Shutt; 1302 Cedar.
  • Katzfey Construction Co. Inc. to Mike Y. and Dana S. Zheng; one lot in the 2000 block of Hogan Court.
  • Clair G. Domonoski and Barbara H. Domonoski to Michael C. and Elizabeth J. McCafferty; 3009 W. 28th.
  • David T. Malone and Carol Roza to Earl W. and Janet K. McNish; 65 E. 1300 Rd.
  • Corron Inc. to Paul S. and Betty B. Williams to Fred B. and Linda Williams; 2529 Stowe Dr.
  • Denning-Santee Land Associates to Lanai Homes Inc.; three lots in the 4500 block of Cherry Hills Dr.
  • Ellen B. Myers to LaDonna M. Burgos, Myla S. Dombroske, Ronald R. Myers and W. Lowell Myers; 131 Sanda Fe Dr., Baldwin.
  • Isolde Kirshner Birt and Tom Birt to Laura Bishop and David A. Pope; 824 La.
  • K.L. and Jean Homolka to Robert J. and Jeanna K. Linzer, two tracts in SE/4 of 31-13-21.
  • Thomas J. Hoffman and Linda Lee Blackledge to Charlie Rascoll and Debbie Howe; 1613 Vt.

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