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July 29, 1996


After 50 years in the salvage business, George Milton Faler retires and turns the family business over to his son George Michael Faler.

After 50 years in the salvage business, George Milton Faler has retired.

But he's not quite ready to scrap working all together.

"I don't think I'll ever plumb quit," Faler said. "I've been in it too long. So, I guess I'm semi-retired."

Faler was the owner of Kaw Motor and Salvage Co., 1549 N. Third, and has recently relinquished the family business to his son George Michael Faler.

"I let my son take over, and he has three sons, so I hope it's there another 50 years," said George Milton, 63.

The business began in 1946, when George T. Faler -- George Milton's father -- opened a salvage and glass shop at 724 N. Second. George Milton was there to help.

"The original name was Kaw Salvage and Glass," said George Michael. "We dropped the glass shop in the early '70s, and we've been here (1549 N. Second) since the mid-'60s. We were originally in the 700 block of North Second, where Red Ink Racing is now."

George Michael Faler, 42, has been in the family salvage business since he was a child. He said the business has offered a variety of services to customers during the past 50 years.

"We do a lot of things," George Michael said. "We buy and sell scrap and parts, and we have a wrecker service and garage service."

In addition to George Milton retiring from the salvage business, so did his wife, Betty.

George Michael said his mother has worked in the office "off and on" during past years and now plans to enjoy her retirement as well.

"I'll miss the people, you know? And doing things and the feeling of accomplishment," Betty Faler said. "I can keep busy. Of course, there's always house cleaning to do."

The Falers recently celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary and now plan to travel and do daily work around their Jefferson County home.

"I'm sure there's enough to keep us busy, just mowing and repairing things -- just whatever comes up," Betty Faler said. "We're hoping to be gone for three or four weeks to go back East when the leaves change in the fall."

George Milton said some things have already been changed in his old office, but he is confident that the family business will continue as usual.

"It's been a good business, and it's supported a lot of people -- Lawrence needs a salvage yard," Faler said. "I think it will continue just as it has even though I won't be there. It's been an enjoyable business."

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