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July 24, 1996


Authorities allege a woman staged a burglary and an abduction while having her husband murdered.

The wife of a Lawrence native faces first-degree murder charges in Oklahoma for allegedly planning her husband's murder.

Charlotte Ann Mignot, 43, and her alleged accomplice, Johnny Ray Dunn, both of Sand Springs, Okla., each were charged Tuesday with first-degree murder in the July 9 stabbing death of Larry C. Mignot, 50, Sand Springs, and formerly of Lawrence.

Authorities allege that Charlotte Mignot paid Dunn $400 to burglarize her home. She allegedly was in the bedroom while her husband was stabbed several times during the burglary.

She later told authorities that she had been abducted and forced to take $400 out of an automatic teller machine after the stabbing. Authorities now allege that she made up the abduction story.

Mrs. Mignot attended her husband's funeral Saturday in Lawrence.

"She acted weird but I thought she was under sedation," said Velma Van Ness Mignot, a Lawrence resident and the mother of Larry Mignot. She said her daughter-in-law's arrest was a shock.

"There could have been marital problems, but I wasn't around them," she said.

Larry Mignot, an account executive for Wausau Insurance Co., grew up in Lawrence. He had lived in Sand Springs about five years.

Both Mrs. Mignot and Dunn face a first appearance today in Tulsa County District Court.

According to an affidavit filed by a Tulsa County sheriff's investigator, the story began to unfold after Dunn was arrested.

He told investigators that Mrs. Mignot offered to pay him for a staged burglary of her home. Dunn told authorities he met another man at the home about 1:30 a.m. July 9.

Dunn said the other man walked into Mr. Mignot's room while he waited in the kitchen. Dunn then heard Mignot yelling and screaming for help, according to the affidavit.

Charlotte Mignot's two daughters, ages 12 and 9, were in the house at the time, authorities said. They are staying with relatives.

Dunn told investigators that after taking a television and VCR from the home, he, Mrs. Mignot and the other man left in two vehicles.

A Tulsa County sheriff's press release said investigators are looking for that third suspect. Capt. Jerry Griffin said Tuesday afternoon, "We're not sure that he exists. But that's the story we were told."

The sheriff's affidavit also said that one of Dunn's former employers told investigators that Mrs. Mignot had called and visited Dunn at work.

Dunn also had done construction work at the Mignots' residence. The victim's mother said he was a "handyman."

The affidavit said that after Dunn spoke with Mrs. Mignot three or four weeks before the murder, "He told his employer that he had to leave work because Larry Mignot assaulted Charlotte Mignot and he was going to 'go straighten it out.'"

Dunn also reportedly told an employee "that if Larry laid a hand on Charlotte again he would 'put him down,'" the affidavit said.

Mrs. Van Ness Mignot said she did not believe her son ever abused his wife.

"If he was that type of person, he wouldn't have aggravated her to the point of getting someone to kill him," she said.

Mignot's mother also said she did not believe Charlotte Mignot and Dunn had a romantic relationship.

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