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July 24, 1996


* John E. and Nancy S. Taylor and Allen and Gaylene J. Sander to Richard J. and Jaye L. Cole; tract in SE/4 of 2-25-19, vacant lot.

  • 34th Street Investors, L.C. to Crown Cinema Corporation; lot 5 in Dunigan Subdivision
  • Aloha Partners to Diversified Concepts, L.L.C.; 1104 E. 1284 Rd.
  • Daniel R. Cole and Suzanne M. Kerich to Dale E. and Carol A. Huffman; 2417 Jacob Ave.
  • Stanley C. and Teresa J. Lewis to James Shay and Holly Dee Sweeney; 1809 Ill.
  • Christopher E. and Robin L. Breit to Mark W. Harwood; 2408 Brookside Dr.
  • William R. and Pamela S. Copeland to Kenneth L. and Cynthia S. Salyer; 2517 Ponderosa Dr.
  • Ronald P. and Barbara L. Kerouac to Leanna L. Alexander; 2812 Lankford Dr.
  • Frank H. Gage to Danny Ray and Rebecca Kay Shockley; 1880 N. 1200 Rd.
  • James S. and Marjorie Wholey Haines to Lewis A. and Carolyn H. Phillips; 2000 Crossgate Dr.
  • Daniel R. Cole and Suzanne Kerich to Christopher E. and Robin L. Breit; 2237 Rodeo Dr.
  • Highland Construction, Inc. to Richard C. King and Mercantile Bank of Lawrence, co-trustees of Brian C. King Trust; 2524 Scottsdale.
  • Mason, Glen O. to Mark T. and Barbara A. Willoughby; 1609 Prestwick Dr.
  • Troy L. and Kellie J. Mussetter to Dean Mielke; 3911 Tumbleweed Ct.
  • Ronald D. and Linda A. Lawrenz to Lance A. and Connie S. Keim; tract in NE/4 14-15-20.
  • L.C. Oread to Nghia T. and Tho N. Nguyen; 1345 #1-6 Vt.
  • Pamela A. Berry to William G. and Lynne S. Stype; 4633 W. 25th.
  • Mark R. and Cynthia S. Davidson to Michael D. Robinson; 1209 Vantuyl Dr.
  • Nine Nineteen, L.C. to Nghia T. and Tho N. Nguyen; 916 #1-4 Ind.
  • Chester B. and Patsy L. Vanatta to Michael Louis and Anne Marie Kincaid Living Revocable Trust; 1500 block Prestwick Ct.
  • Sondra J. and Donald R. McCoy to Yumi S. Stroder; 737 Conn.
  • Dwight Perry Construction, Inc. to Michael W. and Kristi R. Frey; 2929 Whitmore Dr.
  • David Scott Black and Gina Ann to Mary E. Moore; 3808 Stockade Ct.
  • Howard H. and Venita L. Miskimen to City of Lawrence; lots 70 & 72 in block 12 of West Lawrence.
  • Steven M. and Leah S. Hanson to Gwendolyn Y. Claassen; 1128 R.I.
  • Thomas J. and Marilyn J. Dobski to Bravereihaus, Inc.; 2000 block Hogan Ct.
  • Juanita M. Ray to Todd A. and Jill A. Koch; 46 Colt Ter.
  • Margaret F. Webb to Jack W. Skeels; 935 Avalon Rd.
  • Camion, Inc. to David Scott and Gina A. Black; 1812 Carmel Dr.
  • Rickey L. and Anna M. Shain to Stanley C. and Teresa J. Lewis; 804 Baker
  • Mary K. Blubaugh to Glen O. Mason; 4707 Muirfield Dr.
  • BFG Properities, L.L.C. to Whitewater, L.L.C.; one lot on the 3900 block of Monterey Pl.
  • Robert J. and Judith C. Brawley to Mark Owen and Joan Marie Stone; 2303 Manchester Rd.
  • Floyd George and Shannon Channel to James E. Salyer, Administrator of Estate of Anna Marie Moore; 1208 Almira Ave.
  • Arnold E. and M. Kathleen Elliott to Edna Mae and Fredrick C. Sack; 1228 Penn.
  • Cornerstone Construction Co. to Michael J. and Donna R. Hultine; 3409-11 W. 24th
  • RMZ, Inc. to Robert J. and Judith C. Brawley; 1700 E. 29th
  • David L. and Karen M. Cook to Robert L. and Phyllis I. Courtney; 2204 Greenbrier Dr.
  • Ricky R. and Lorie A. Sawyer to Matthew J. Geerlings and Cara J. Fuller; 2216 Naismith Dr.
  • RMZ, Inc. to Rick R. and Lorie A. Sawyer; 2933 Kensington Rd.
  • Barton J. Yost and Georgette L. Haskell to Lyn M. and Erin I. Mayer; 3908 Kimos Circle.
  • Southland Construction, Inc. to Robert L. and Karen L. Gray; 2749 Bluestem Dr.
  • Robert G. Billings to Michael J. and Mary A. Easterday; one lot on the 2000 block of Palmer Ct.
  • Wayne E. and Virginia Strong to Thomas P. and Sherry L. Moran; vacant lot
  • Glen A. and Danielle M. Campi to Mabel G. Stoneback, Trustee; 2525 Scottsdale
  • John H. Vogel, Trustee to 901 Ky, L.L.C.; 901 Kentucky
  • Gerald M. Vogel to 901 Kentucky, L.L.C.; 901 Kentucky
  • Ralph K. and Iva Jean Reitz to Oliver H. and Sandra G. London; 4717 Carmel P.
  • RMZ, Inc. to Michael P. and Gwen M. Clancy; 2917 Kensington Rd.
  • James C. Phillips to Anthony F. II and Carla J. Daly; 1303 W. 27th
  • Tarcy Patrick and Janis Gay Green to Rodney M. Hopkins; 225 W. 22nd
  • Chung and Fongmei Shih to Julian M. and Nancy C. Humphries; 4517 Winged Foot Ct.
  • Carl and Velma Flory to Joseph S. Strobel and Mary Beth Millard; 749 E. 1800 Rd.

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