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July 24, 1996


To the editor:

I am writing regarding an article concerning Lawrence Memorial Hospital billing problems which appeared in your Friday, July 19 edition.

Within the article Ms. Virginia Barnes was quoted as saying in part, "Is this credit bureau supposed to be calling and harassing and cussing on a bill I don't even owe?" Ms. Barnes' comments give the impression she was victimized by the Credit Bureau of Lawrence which is not the case. It is likely Ms. Barnes was contacted by a collection agency in Kansas City, Mo., that was retained by LMH.

Not only is the conduct Ms. Barnes describes reprehensible, it is unlawful. The Credit Bureau of Lawrence has assisted Lawrence Memorial Hospital in collecting delinquent accounts since January 1983. We learned long ago the principal reason patients do not timely pay uninsured hospital charges is they do not have the financial resources. Often financial hardship arises when medical problems occur. Most people want to pay their bills when they are able. Our staff is instructed to be patient and persistent in collecting past-due hospital charges. Over the course of our service, we have returned over $2,750,000 to LMH.

Lynann L. Chance, president,

Credit Bureau of Lawrence,

303 W. 11th.

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