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July 4, 1996


The Chi Omega fountain at the entrance to the Kansas University campus is dry as a bone.

Vandals made sure of that last weekend by causing about $350 in damage to the landmark at Crescent and West Campus roads.

Mike Richardson, director of facilities operations at KU, said one of the fountain's bowls was detached and pushed aside.

KU staff drained the fountain for repairs but are expected to get the water flowing next week.

The fountain was dedicated in April 1955 as a memorial to founders of KU's Chi Omega sorority across the street.

The replica of an 18th-century English fountain has been a frequent target of pranksters. Kansas State University students add a touch of purple to the water periodically. Heavy doses of detergent also have transformed the fountain into a bubble bath.

In fact, the fountain has been altered in response to vandals. A pineapple-shaped water dispenser no longer sits on top -- KU officials tired of replacing it when stolen.

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