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January 10, 1996


— The McLouth school board is looking for ways to keep class sizes small enough to facilitate the most effective learning atmosphere and still stay within budget and space limitations.

Tuesday night the board heard from concerned parents, teachers and administrators about next year's second-grade class sizes. There are 48 students in three sections of the first grade this year, with two sections of second grade now offered.

James Campbell, elementary school principal, told the board that research indicated that small class sizes are more effective and recommended the board add a third section of second grade for next year.

He said that the school improvement plan originally called for adding a section to each grade level each year. This year's first-graders have been taught in three sections since they began kindergarten, and this next year is the year the plan recommends an additional section at the second-grade level.

Lori Lamborn, a fourth-grade teacher and parent of two first-graders, said that not adding the section next year would be detrimental to the students.

"Learning to read so they can read to learn is so important in the second grade," Lamborn said.

The board decided to table the discussion until the February meeting so it could have more time to consider options and get additional feedback.

Another item tabled until next month was increasing the hourly pay for driver education and other summer school teachers. Driver education teacher Gerald Aligo provided the board with information on what other districts in the area pay their summer school teachers. The board decided to check with other districts on their summer salaries.

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