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January 3, 1996


Two second-generation Lawrence dentists are practicing in their hometown.

It has been a family affair at the Kincaid's dentist office for 19 years, but now the father-son dentist team has added another doctor to the family business.

Many in the community will recognize Susan Gillahan Hall, 38, who left her 9-year-old dentist practice in Phoenix to return to her hometown. She began working at the office of Drs. Paul and Charlie Kincaid, 306 E. 23rd St., on Dec. 15. Hall is the daughter of longtime Lawrence dentist Robert Gillahan.

"Well, I sure didn't come back because I missed the snow," Hall said laughing. "I returned to be close to my family and the people here."

Gillahan, who has lived in Lawrence for more than 50 years, retired in 1989 after teaching dentistry at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for almost 15 years. His students included his daughter and Charlie Kincaid, 47.

Hall returned to Lawrence to help her family care for her father, who has suffered from several strokes and recently moved into Lawrence Presbyterian Manor, a nursing care facility.

After observing their fathers at work for many years, both Susan Hall and Charlie Kincaid were persuaded to enter the same profession. Charlie Kincaid knew as young as sixth grade that he wanted to follow in his father's footsteps, writing several essays in elementary school describing his desire to be a dentist.

"I always respected my dad, and I could see that he really enjoyed his job," he said.

Hall said it was an easy decision for her, too. She had become accustomed to the lifestyle of a dentist growing up, including taking short vacations, fielding patients' emergency phone calls and working in the office.

"It was just natural for me," she said.

With a pretty heavy patient load, both Kincaids are happy to have another doctor in the office. In fact, Paul Kincaid said jokingly that he can now pass on some of the more complicated procedures to his partners.

"It's just unbelievably pleasant to have Susan in the office," said Paul Kincaid, 75, who has been friends with Susan's father for many years.

"The bottom line is that I wouldn't be practicing today if it wasn't for the young people around me keeping me going. I am having more fun in dentistry than I've ever had."

Paul Kincaid has been a general practitioner for 51 years, 19 of which he has worked with his son. Now the business gets regular visits from a third generation of Kincaids. Charlie Kincaid's three children, who live near the office, periodically walk over to check in with Dad or Grandpa.

Dr. Patrick Moriarty had been practicing in the Kincaids' office but recently opened his own Lawrence office.

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