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February 8, 1996


Need help for Valentine's Day gift suggestions? Time is running out, but these ideas may be right for that special someone.

  • How about a helicopter ride over the Plaza (in Kansas City)? A cousin of mine did that for her birthday. -- Amalia Kokoruda, KU junior in speech pathology from Leawood.
  • Spend it on the beach, listening to Jimmy Buffet music. -- Chris Mann, KU sophomore in chemistry from Olathe.
  • One of my friends is having a Valentine's Day Party, where we're all dressing up. It'll be a formal evening. -- Pat Hocsy, KU sophomore in film from Lawrence.
  • Take them out to dinner, get them flowers and just do something nice, something original. Take them to Kansas City, get out of Lawrence. -- Nancy Shelven, waitress at Quinton's Bar and Grill.
  • I'd recommend they not get a tattoo with their current lover's name. That's usually not a good idea. I'd do the whole dinner and a movie thing, give them some candy. Maybe a new (body) piercing, that is new and exciting. -- tattoo artist and body piercer at Skin Illustrations.
  • It depends on the weather, but just being able to get away and walk in the woods, away from everybody, is nice. Get back to nature, back to basics. On the other hand, I like the idea of a fireplace when the weather is cold like this. -- Kent Taylor, office worker at Lawrence Technology.
  • Me, my wife and three kids will probably just go out and eat dinner here in town. -- Mike Reese, assistant manager at Jiffy Lube.
  • Flowers are nice, of course, despite how much of a cliche it might seem. The thing that is most appreciated is the thought behind it. -- Frank Dorsey, bartender at Rick's Bar.
  • I'm one of the boring ones. My wife and I are probably going out to eat and then play volleyball in Lawrence. We'll drag the kids along, too. I'll buy her flowers and call it a good day. -- Rod Moyer, principal at Eudora Middle School.
  • A cuddly, stuffed animal is popular with the ladies, also an "I love you" balloon with a bag of candy kisses. -- Gretel Hentschel, manager of Owens Flower Shop.
  • Try a picnic lunch and pack a couple of wine glasses, if the sun's going to be shining. -- Linda Lester, owner of the Etc. Shop.
  • That's a pretty personal thing; to each their own. Oils and lubricants are real popular. -- Sheri Quick, manager of Priscilla's.
  • There's a new book that is coming out, "101 Nights of Great Romance," by Laura Corn. It comes with 101 envelopes, and some of them the man is supposed to open and some of them are supposed to be opened by the woman. I think it would be a great book. -- Evelyn Brown, owner of Swan Publishing.

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