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February 8, 1996


Lawrence residents have a new tool to look up friends and neighbors and contact them electronically.

Journal-World On-line Services has posted an electronic mail version of the Lawrence-area white and yellow pages on the World Wide Web.

A family connected to the Web can add their e-mail address from their living room using a home computer or send e-mail to a friend or relative at the touch of a button.

The web address is Those who have e-mail but no access to the Web can log on an Internet access station at the Lawrence Public Library.

Already, 239 people who live in the city and surrounding towns have entered their addresses. Twenty-three businesses have registered in the yellow pages.

The Web page, called the "Lawrence Visitor's Center," also posts public meeting agendas, community calendars and points to Web sites concerning government, schools, clubs and universities.

Residents already listed in the directory predicted that e-mail addresses will become as common as telephone numbers within a few years.

"Some people resist or are afraid of technology," said Danny Brewer, who programs computers as a hobby. Brewer has a personal page, which he calls, "Danny's totally unCool web page." The address is

Like the telephone, he said, e-mail will only become useful when most people overcome the fear of using it.

"As more and more people have e-mail addresses, a snowball effect occurs, just as it did with fax machines."

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