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February 8, 1996


Douglas County commissioners spun their wheels Wednesday night in their effort to find a tenant for the vacant Valley View Care Home, 2518 Ridge Ct.

Representatives of both the United Way of Douglas County and Hannah's House made presentations on how they would use the 26,000-square-foot building, but neither provided the financial information commissioners had asked for from them.

Commissioners asked agencies to work up some numbers before continuing discussion.

In previous meetings, commissioners had said they did not want the county to be saddled with maintenance of the 35-year-old facility and that the agencies' ability and willingness to take on that responsibility would be a major factor in determining who gets to move in.

Commissioners said they were interested in such issues as who will mow the grass and pay for a new roof.

``This is not a beauty contest,'' Commissioner Mark Buhler said after the agencies made presentations on the services they would provide in the building.

Hannah's House, which provides services for unwed teen-age mothers, would turn the building into a residential care facility. The United Way would make the facility into a social services campus.

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