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February 4, 1996


From J-W News Services

More than 2,900 Kansas University students were named to KU's honor roll during the fall 1995 semester, the university announced.

"Students earning honor roll distinction exemplify the commitment to scholarship at the University of Kansas," KU Chancellor Robert Hemenway said. "I am pleased to announce their achievement."

The students are from KU's Lawrence campus and the schools of Allied Health and Nursing at the Kansas City, Kan., campus.

Honor roll criteria vary among the academic units of the university. Some schools honor the top 10 percent of students enrolled, some establish a minimum grade-point average and others raise the minimum for each year students are in school. Students also must complete a minimum number of credit hours to be considered for the honor roll.

The names of area students honored and their school or

department are:

Douglas County


Amy Cool, freshman, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Bryce McCreary, senior, CLAS; Christopher Mitchell, junior, CLAS; Carol Roza, graduate school; Brett Rurode, freshman, CLAS Amy Schmidt, senior, CLAS; Joanna Wiley, senior, CLAS.


Amy Altenbernd, senior, CLAS; Mark Everley, senior, CLAS; Temie Gaudet, senior, education; Patricia Jordan, senior, CLAS; Brook Schuler, sophomore, CLAS; William Shelton, junior, CLAS.


Tracy Alderson, senior, CLAS; Victoria Aljoe, senior, CLAS; Melissa Allen, freshman, CLAS; Ramin Ansari, junior, CLAS; Yadira Arrocha, sophomore, CLAS; Lydia Ash, senior, CLAS; Charles Awbrey, sophomore, CLAS; Pamela Barnes, senior, fine arts; Theresa Barr, senior, CLAS; Fran Bartlett, senior, education; Joseph Barton III, junior, CLAS; Jed Baughman, freshman, architecture and urban design; Stephen Becht, senior, CLAS; Barbara Beckett, senior, education; Jennifer Bednar, senior, business; Janalene Berk, senior, CLAS; Chessa Bieri, senior, CLAS; Erica Blackwell, freshman, CLAS; Ryan Brandt, senior, education; Aurore Breniquet, sophomore, CLAS; Michael Brenton, senior, business; Jennifer Bresnahan, junior, CLAS; Adam Brock, sophomore, CLAS; Kathleen Brown, senior, CLAS.

Kyle Brown, freshman, CLAS; Sandra Brown, senior, education; Tiffany Brown, senior, CLAS; Sidney Bruce, junior, CLAS; Jarromy Brune, senior, CLAS; Christie Burkhart, junior, CLAS; Maria Butler, senior, CLAS; Tuba Buyuktimkin, senior, pharmacy; Wade Cartwright, freshman, CLAS; David Childers, senior, CLAS; Boon Chua, senior, business; Sung Chung, junior, CLAS; Kirsten Cigler, senior, CLAS; Elizabeth Clark, junior, CLAS; Angela Clayton, senior, business; Justin Clements, junior, CLAS; Monique Clumsky, senior, education; Michael Cohen, senior, education; Harry Colfax, senior, CLAS; Thomas Conroy, senior, CLAS; Cintamani Cowell, senior, CLAS; Janet Cull, junior, CLAS.

Trang Dang, senior, pharmacy; Harto Daulat, senior, business; Christopher Davis, senior, CLAS; Jaqueline Davis, senior, education; William Dewhirst, senior, CLAS; James Dick, sophomore, CLAS; Matthew Dollar, senior, CLAS; Marie Dromard, junior, CLAS; Kurt Drozd, junior, CLAS; Megen Duffy, senior, CLAS; Jennifer Eck, senior, pharmacy; BJ Edgerton, senior, CLAS; Gregory Erb, sophomore, CLAS; Sherilyn Evans, junior, CLAS; Juston Evenson, senior, pharmacy; Jodi Fakler, senior, CLAS; Farnaz Farokhi, freshman, CLAS; Faryar Farokhi, freshman, CLAS; Kathleen Fawcett, senior, CLAS; Ann Feeney, sophomore, CLAS; Lisa Flory, freshman, CLAS; Colin Forbes, junior, CLAS.

Tracy Foster, sophomore, CLAS; Lisa Frantz, sophomore, fine arts; Peony Freund, freshman, CLAS; Ryan Friesen, senior, CLAS; Jane Galvin, senior, CLAS; Jeremy Glauner, sophomore, engineering; Julie Glauner, junior, CLAS; Ilya Gnoyenskiy, sophomore, CLAS; Scott Goodman, senior, engineering; Jennifer Green, sophomore, CLAS; Shannon Guder, junior, CLAS; Jo Guerrero, senior, business; Lisa Hamlin, senior, CLAS; Chris Hane, senior, education; Erika Hansen, senior, CLAS; Jessica Harris, sophomore, CLAS; Rebekah Harvey, sophomore, CLAS; Chris Hatton, sophomore, CLAS; Anne Heiman, senior, CLAS; Holly Heitshusen, freshman, CLAS; Jennifer Heller, senior, CLAS; David Herpich, freshman, fine arts.

Catherine Hess, sophomore, CLAS; Robert Hickam, sophomore, CLAS; Rylan Higgins, senior, CLAS; Penny Hotchkiss, senior, education; Christopher Howard, junior, CLAS; Brandi Hubbard, senior, CLAS; Erin Hubert, junior, CLAS; Kris Humbarger, freshman, CLAS; Erin Hummert, freshman, engineering; Sarah Jansen, senior, CLAS; Thomas Jarnagin, senior, CLAS; Barbara Jarvis, junior, fine arts; Jacquelynn Johanning, freshman, CLAS; Mohssen Kalaee, senior, pharmacy; Misook Kang, junior, CLAS; Daniel Karasek, senior, education; Michael Kelly, senior, business; Ruth Kelly, junior, CLAS; Gay Kemmis, senior, CLAS; Seungil Kim, freshman, CLAS; Alexander Kipp, senior, CLAS; Brian Klamm, senior, education.

Charles Knapp, senior, business; Mindy Knepp, senior, CLAS; Corey Koester, junior, education; Mirja Koponen, senior, fine arts; Anna Kraxner, senior, CLAS; Linda Kucza, sophomore, CLAS; Aya Kuribayashi, junior, CLAS; Stephen Lane, senior, business; Camille Lauer, freshman, CLAS; Brad Leckron, sophomore, CLAS; Patrick Legresley, junior, engineering; Jamie Lehman, junior, CLAS; Aaron Lessig, senior, CLAS; Artur Leung, senior, engineering; Sharyn Lewin, senior, CLAS; Moi Liew, senior, engineering; Kelly Lipsey, junior, CLAS; Kerry Lipsey, junior, CLAS; Hoi Yan Lo, senior, business; Soo Tow Lo, senior, pharmacy; Sarian Lockett, freshman, CLAS; Christopher Lominska, sophomore, CLAS.

Tanya Longabach, junior, CLAS; Tyler MacMillan, senior, pharmacy; Sarah Manica, junior, CLAS; Sarah Mann, junior, CLAS; Jana Matthews, freshman, CLAS; Cynthia Matthias, junior, CLAS; Jena Maxwell, junior, CLAS; Christine Mazurkewycz, senior, CLAS; Matthew McBean, junior, education; Melissa McCormick, senior, pharmacy; Staven McDermott, freshman, CLAS; Diane McGee, senior, CLAS; Kathleen McGee, senior, CLAS; Dana McGowan, senior, engineering; Caroline McKnight, junior, CLAS; Brent Meisenheimer, sophomore, CLAS; Anitra Menning, junior, CLAS; Brad Meyer, senior, CLAS; John Mier, junior, business; Patricia Mobray, senior, education; Thomas Moore, sophomore, CLAS; Amy Mozykowski, senior, education.

Osvaldo Munoz-Vargas, senior, CLAS; Cynthia Nau, senior, business; Cynthia Nau, senior, business; John Naughton, senior, CLAS; Elyzabeth Navarre, senior, education; Dung Nguyen, senior, CLAS; Jesse Nichols, senior, CLAS; Jaime Nickel, senior, CLAS; Kara Norlin, senior, CLAS; Wendy Norris, junior, CLAS; Lafayette Norwood, senior, CLAS; Scott Nuckolls, senior, CLAS; Todd Oberzan, senior, CLAS; Joonsuk Oh, junior, CLAS; David Olson, senior, CLAS; Ashley Packard, junior, education; Aroop Pal, junior, CLAS; Maya Payne, senior, CLAS; Hsulin Peng, junior, business; Bart Peters, senior, CLAS; Kathryn Pike, senior, pharmacy; Steven Pipia, senior, CLAS; Michael Pisani, senior, CLAS.

Holly Pitterle, junior, CLAS; Sinae Pitts, senior, CLAS; Sergey Podlazov, junior, CLAS; Derek Prater, senior, CLAS; Jeff Prater, senior, CLAS; Scott Prater, sophomore, CLAS; Scott Price, junior, CLAS; Kelli Raybern, sophomore, CLAS; Linda Redding, junior, CLAS; Donell Reed, junior, fine arts; Michael Reed, senior, CLAS; Audra Reeves, senior, business; Margaret Rickey, junior, fine arts; Daniel Ritchie, senior, CLAS; Jeremy Robbins, senior, education; Ina Robertson, senior, CLAS; Kari Rogg, senior, CLAS; Wendy Rogg, sophomore, CLAS; Katherine Rork, junior, CLAS; Renee Rosen, senior, CLAS; Penny Roudybush, senior, CLAS; Katherine Rumsey, senior, education.

Lana Russell, sophomore, CLAS; Robin Ryan, freshman, CLAS; Tamara Salaty, senior, CLAS; Gary Scalon, senior, CLAS; Mia Schander, sophomore, CLAS; Jamie Scheibach, sophomore, CLAS; Jon Schmidt, senior, CLAS; Stacey Scott, junior, CLAS; Camillia Shackleford, sophomore, CLAS; Kristi Sharp, junior, CLAS; Jessica Small, senior, CLAS; Lonnie Smith, senior, business; Misti Spann, freshman, CLAS; Todd Sponholtz, sophomore, CLAS; Heather Stancliffe, senior, CLAS; Brad Steeples, senior, CLAS; Mary Steingraeber, senior, CLAS; William Stelle, senior, CLAS; Jamie Stevens, senior, CLAS; Rachel Stewart, senior, CLAS; Marci Stidham, senior, education; Philip Stilwell, senior, CLAS.

Amy stuart, senior, CLAS; Sara Subtil, junior, architecture and urban design; Natalie Sullivan, sophomore, CLAS; Haleh Taghavi, senior, CLAS; Wendy Thomsen, senior, CLAS; Elizabeth Tolbert, senior, CLAS; Andrea Tomlin, freshman, CLAS; Jonathan Tramba, freshman, engineering/architecture and urban design; Steve Tran, senior, CLAS; Karen Traver, senior, CLAS; Renee Trewyn, senior, pharmacy; Kristine Trombley, senior, CLAS; Ashley Tutera, senior, CLAS; Stefanie Tyrer, senior, CLAS; Michelle Uecker, senior, CLAS; Wendy Utley, junior, CLAS; Shannan Vaughn, junior, CLAS; Hendrika Velthoven, junior, CLAS; Samantha Ventsam, junior, CLAS; Chris Verdun, senior, CLAS; Mandy Wales, sophomore, CLAS; Dena Wang, senior, CLAS.

Justin Weigel, freshman, CLAS; Amy Welch, senior, CLAS; Nathan Welch, senior, CLAS; Theresa Welsh, senior, business; Komsan Weroha, junior, CLAS; Saravut Weroha, sophomore, CLAS; Leigh West, senior, Parmacy; Andrew Whitehorne, senior, CLAS; Heather Whitney, junior, CLAS; Amy Wideman, senior, CLAS; Yulia Wijata, senior, engineering; Robin Wilbur, senior, CLAS; Dana Wilfong, senior, CLAS; Colleen Willacey, junior, education; Hannah Willems, freshman, CLAS; Aimee Williams, senior, CLAS; Anthony Williams, junior, CLAS; Susan Winn, senior, CLAS; Jun Yang, graduate school; Lu Ann Zimmer, Sophomore, CLAS; James Zimmerman, senior, CLAS.


Thomas Hutton, junior, CLAS; Hannah Rockhill, junior, fine arts.

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