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December 13, 1996


Galen J. Uhrich, 34, Olathe, to Beth E. Rundquist, 38, Lawrence.

Micky Stum, 22, Lawrence, to Tami McGeeney, 29, Lawrence.

Tyronne W. Tolbert, 21, Lansing, to Laura L. Sanders, 19, Lawrence.

Richard Smart, 29, Bangor, Maine, to Bethany Keidel, 26, Bangor, Maine.

Jonathan Shultz, 27, Eau Claire, Wis., to Felicia Jubratic, 23, Eau Claire, Wis.

Allen Thornton, 49, Marysville, Mo., to Mary Tovar, 45, Eudora.

Christopher Pisarik, 31, Chesapeake, Va., to Christine Perry, 31, Topeka.

Justin A. Bogart, 25, Tonganoxie, to Kimberly A. Dehoff, 26, Lenexa.

Jay C. Leipzig, 30, Independence, Mo., to Cathleen Abell, Lawrence.

Amanda Burns, 18, Baldwin, to Aaron Morris, 24, Overland Park.

John Fishel, 54, Lawrence, to Kimbra Krueger, 30, Lawrence.

Zachary Juarez, 23, Austin, Tex., to Jessica Small, 22, Austin, Tex.

Joel Fiala, 23, Seattle, to Robin Ryan, 22, Lawrence.

Rodney E. Walden, 26, Larence, to Susan K. Gammill, 40, Lawrence.

Jose L. Melendez, 20, Lawrence, to Angela L. Hattabaugh, 18, Lawrence.

Robert Max Laskey, 48, Lawrence, to Cheryl Ann-Krug, 38, Lawrence.

Bob Avery, 49, Lawrence, to Vickie LaRue, 47, Lawrence.

Jason Weiss, 22, Kansas City, Kan., to Autumn M. Stewart, 21, Kansas City, Kan.

Tariq Chaudry, 35, Topeka, to Marcia Dettke, 29, Topeka.

Douglas DeBose, 24, Lawrence, to Barbara Slattery, 21, Lawrence.

Robert A. Christensen, 50, Hutchinson, to Rita J. Stucky, 39, Lawrence.

Daniel D. Trent, 36, Lawrence, to Rebecca L. Moberly, 29, Lawrence.

Richard S. Dorei, 33, Lawrence, to Carolee S. Oles, 27, Lawrence.

Michael Thompson, 25, Perry, to Jami Baskins, 20, Lawrence.

Sean Bergin, 35, Lawrence, to Ann Clements, 35, Lawrence.

Christopher Koenke, 20, Lawrence, to Anna J. Michener, 19, Lawrence.

James H. Stuit, 40, Lawrence, to Marilyn S. Liston, 32, Lawrence.

Michael Green, 42, Lawrence, to Kathleen Richardson, 37, Topeka.

Ricky Joe Montgomery, 43, Lawrence, to Shelley Lynn Kelley, 40, Lawrence.

Trenton Stern, 22, Lawrence, to Dawn Koberstein, 24, Lawrence.

Leonard D. LaDuron, 36, Lawrence, to Aida Y. Disi, 38, Lawrence.

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