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August 27, 1996


A Lawrence entrepreneur entertains the idea of in-home cooking for clients.

If you are too tired or too busy to cook, then you need the Domestic Goddess in your kitchen.

Business is heating up for Stephanie Silva who last month started her own in-home cooking service for clients.

"Nobody else is doing this in Lawrence and it's an idea that I've had for the past two years," Silva said.

"There's tons of people who provide cleaning services in this town. In a way, it's similar."

Silva said she was working in a clerical job earning about $225 a week, when she realized she wanted to do something more fulfilling.

Looking around at her co-workers, she got the idea for a new business.

"Cooking is a hobby of mine that I've enjoyed for years," Silva said. "What I saw from people around me was that people really didn't have the time to prepare the food they wanted to eat and they ate a lot of junk food."

Silva said her idea is definitely a unique one for Lawrence, but it is nothing that prospective clients should take lightly.

"I want to present this as a professional service, not some crazy person that comes into your house and cooks," Silva said.

Silva received all of her training from many years in the food and drink service industry. She was a bartender and a bar manager at several local establishments.

"I grew up in the bar and restaurant industry. That gives me a lot of hands-on experience for food and a head for business."

Silva said she is hoping her business can grow and branch into other areas beyond being a domestic goddess. She hopes to participate in cooking seminars in the area.

After reading Silva's Domestic Goddess advertisement in the Journal-World, Kansas University associate provost Kathleen McCluskey-Fawcett hired Silva for a dessert party of 120 staff members and their families.

"The people loved the assortment (of desserts) and the people actually thought I had done all of the cooking," McCluskey-Fawcett said.

"The food was very much homemade and it didn't look like it came from a bakery. It was very well done and delicious."

McCluskey-Fawcett said she has a family of six with four at home. She said the Domestic Goddess is just what she needs for her busy household.

"I would love to have someone like this," McCluskey-Fawcett said. "I think there's a real market for this, because there are so many families where both people work."

And it's not just cooking. If you hate doing the dishes, Domestic Goddess will come to the rescue.

"I will do the shopping, if they want me to, do all of the cooking and clean up the mess," Silva said. "They need this service and they don't even know it."

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