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August 17, 1996


Coffee is essential for those all-night study sessions, students say.

To Andrea Gisi, coffee is just as important for college as paper and books. She finds studying much easier if she has a cup of coffee on her desk.

``I drink it for the caffeine to keep me awake to study,'' the Topeka sophomore said. ``It also makes a good study break.''

Gisi is not alone. Many students on college campuses have joined the coffee-drinking population.

Coffee shops have recently become very popular, and more have popped up in Lawrence. Coffee is no longer simply a breakfast drink. Some of the coffee shops in Lawrence have steady streams of customers from morning until night.

Molly Murphy, who works at The Java Break, 17 E. Seventh, said that the shop -- open 24 hours a day -- is busy most of the time.

``The only time it is slow is from 3 to 7 a.m.,'' Murphy said.

Murphy said that many college students study at the tables in the coffee shop and bookstore, which usually turns into a study room.

Because of the growing number of coffee shops in Lawrence, competition is great.

The Terra Nova Bookstore and Cafe, 920 Mass., has a coffee shop in the store and offers tables for studying and reading newspapers. Customers are free to browse while drinking their coffee.

``We compete as best as we can with the other stores in Lawrence,'' said Brad Hebel, part owner.

Some students who don't even like the taste of coffee go to the coffee shops. To them it is a place to socialize.

``Drinking coffee is a social thing,'' said Lisa Van Campen, Turon sophomore. ``You have to learn to like it to survive in the social world, because someone is always asking if you would like some coffee.''

One of Van Campen's favorite coffee shops in Lawrence is La Prima Tazza, 638 Mass.

Carrie Henderson, Shawnee sophomore, makes regular trips to Kwik Shop for her cappuccino.

``I don't like coffee because it is bitter, but I like cappuccino because it is sweet and creamy. It is also a necessity for finals.''

Coffee comes in a variety of flavors. The menus in coffee shops are lengthy to give customers a good selection.

``Our most popular coffee right now is the cafe miel and the double cappuccino,'' said Hebel of Terra Nova.

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