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August 8, 1996


The following are vote totals in precinct committee races contested Tuesday in Douglas County. Winners become members of the central committees of their respective parties. The following shows the unofficial vote totals in each contested race:


1st Precinct of 1st Ward (1-1), committeeman, Terry G. Engle, 24, John Weatherwax, 20; committeewoman, Mary L. Engel.

2-1, committeeman, Brad Mayhew, 31, Wint Winter Jr., 37; committeewoman, Carrie Mayhew, 35, Mary B. Winter, 27.

3-1, committeeman, John W. Hoyt; committeewoman, Mary Corman, 24, Jane Hoyt, 28.

4-1, committeeman, Gerald Denning; committeewoman, Dorothy Kay Shuckakosee.

5-1, committeeman, Richard E. Elliott, 56, Chris Miller, 72; committeewoman, Jeanette K. Elliott, 66, Mildred Harkness, 60.

6-1, committeeman, Darrell L. Truitt; committeewoman, Heidi I. Truitt.

1-2, commiteeman, James C. Dunn; committeewoman, Nancy R. Dunn.

2-2, commiteeman, Kevin K. Stephenson; committeewoman, Susan E. Smith.

3-2, commiteeman, Tom Fulbright; committeewoman, Mary Fulbright.

4-2, no candidates.

5-2, committeeman, Buck Newsom, 52, John Weigel, 71; committeewoman, Faye N. Newsom, 60, Donna K. Weigel, 64.

6-2, committeeman, D. Kris Dalager, 30, John Watkins, 108; committeewoman, Camille Dalager, 29, Melissa Watkins, 110.

7-2, commiteeman, Hank Booth, 117, Mark Finger, 44, Eric T. MacDonald, 6; committeewoman, Jonnie M. Finger.

8-2, committeeman Scott C. Stockwell, 78, Terry Jacobsen, 96; committeewoman, Jane M. Eldredge, 109, Robin Jacobsen, 77.

9-2, committeeman, David C. Billings, 92, Joseph R. Gilman III, 73; committeewoman, Judy Billings, 96, Judy Gillman, 67.

10-2, committeeman, Kim Grubbs, 87, Jeff Light, 56; committeewoman, Shirley Grubbs.

11-2, no candidates.

12-2, committeeman, Ernest E. Angino, 127, Jacob W. Maczuga, 68; committeewoman, Brenda Eisele Jackson, 103, Margaret Maczuga, 72.

13-2, committeeman, Monte M. Miller, 120, Scott E. Morgan, 158; committeewoman, Doris J. Miller, 130, Kathleen O. Morgan, 147.

14-2, committeeman, Harvey Groening; committeewoman, Valera A. Groening, 86, Tracy Schmille, 74.

15-2, committeeman, Mark Buhler, 82, Ray A. Clark, 22; committeewoman, Barbara Jane Allen.

16-2, committeeman, Leland S. Burkhart, 91, Gerard E. Little Jr., 29; committeewoman, Bernadette V. Burkhart, 86, Brenda A. Little, 37.

17-2, committeeman, Ken Martinez, 68, Jim Mullins, 90; committeewoman, Sheila Martinez, 61, Judy Mullins, 101.

18-2, committeeman, Donald A. Johnston, 50, Bill Penny, 71; committeewoman, Alice Ann Johnston, 66, Marlene Penny, 55.

1-3, committeeman, Norman Gates, 15, Robin Smith, 11; committeewoman, Carol Gates, 20, Shirley Martin-Smith, 9.

2-3, committeeman, Richard E. Schmitz, 31, John M. Wilkins Jr., 39; committeewoman, Ann Golden, 43, Karen Schmitz, 17, Maley K. Wilkins, 24.

3-3, committeeman, J. Earl Wilson; committeewoman, no candidate.

4-3, committeeman, Robert E. Einstein, 53, Ed Laut, 24; committeewoman, Barbara Goff, 54, Donna Laut, 26.

5-3, committeeman, Ned Cushing; committeewoman, Betty Cushing.

6-3, committeeman, Cal W. Downs, 33, Steven B. Townsend, 46; committeewoman, Judy Williams.

7-3, committeeman, Daryl Beene, 92, Kevin Hiskey, 51; committeewoman, Judy Hiskey, 67, Theda N. Pierson, 64.

8-3, committeeman, Ben Habiger, 45, Rick Porter, 30; committeewoman, Barbara A. Habiger, 47, R. Renee Karr, 32.

1-4, committeeman, Paul R. Horvath, 36, Ronald L. Todd, 36; committeewoman, Marianne Horvath, 36, Bernice G. Todd, 35.

2-4, committeeman, Ty Hicklin, 9, Bill Keel, 59, Chuck Tyrrell, 17; committeewoman, Nancy M. Keel.

3-4, committeeman, Dennis Painter; committeewoman, Martha Painter.

4-4, committeeman, Delbert M. Baxter; committeewoman, Mary M. Baxter.

5-4, committeeman, Gary W. Aschenbrenner; committeewoman, Charlotte G. Aschenbrenner, 71, Emma J. Garrett, 87.

6-4, no candidates.

1-5, committeeman, Bernie Norwood Jr.; committeewoman, Leverne Norwood.

2-5, committeeman, Frank Shopen, 15, Mike Todd, 21; committeewoman, Peggy Shopen, 24, Shelly A. Todd, 12.

1-6, committeeman, Gail L. Bower, 51, Thomas L. Lee Jr., 62; committeewoman, Marge Bower, 50, Shirley North, 63.

1-7, committeeman, Harold Pearce; committeewoman, Elizabeth A. Pearce.

2-7, no candidates.

3-7, no candidates.

4-7, committeeman, no candidate; committeewoman, Martha Conlin.

5-7, no candidates.

4-A, no candidates.

Clinton, committeeman, Alvin Fishburn; committeewoman, Martha J. Parker.

North Eudora, committeeman, Robert Heschmeyer, 37, Al Pendleton, 55; committeewoman, Cherly Heschmeyer.

South Eudora, committeeman, Glen Grosdidier, 94, David Miller, 190; committeewoman, Marjorie Miller, 228.

Central Eudora, committeeman, Vincent G. Miller; committeewoman, Ruth Miller.

Grant, committeeman, Russell H. Bartley Jr., 38, Ronald R. Holz, 15; committeewoman, Margaret Shirk.

Kanwaka, committeeman, Ed Erazmus, 38, C. Richard Robins, 126; committeewoman, Dorothy Erazmus, 51, Lyn Walther, 105.

Lecompton, committeeman, Paul M. Bahnmaier; committeewoman, Bonny Fugett, 73, Marian J. Hubbel, 15, Tammy A. Morris, 71.

Big Springs, no candidates.

Marion, committeeman, James J. Lock, 32, John P. Metsker, 92; committeewoman, Margaret A. Lock, 43, Bettie-Lou Metsker, 81.

North Baldwin, committeeman, William Granziano, 92, Fred L. Webb, 162; committeewoman, Mildred P. Allen, 156, Katherine Graziano, 101.

South Baldwin, committeeman, John Lynch; committeewoman, Margaret Kalb, 140, Stephanie Lynch, 55.

Vinland, committeeman, Alden Bradley, 95, Emil R. Guntert, 49; committeewoman, Wilma L. Gontert, 62, E. Marie Meyen, 72.

North Wakarusa, committeeman, Bob Skahan; committeewoman, Patty Skahan.

East Wakarusa, committeeman, Wallace Hicklin, 29, Norman Leary, 71; committeewoman, Genevieve M. Hunsinger.

West Wakarusa, committeeman, Louie McElhaney, 105, Raymond C. Poteet, 69; committeewoman, Betty K. McElhaney, 101, Beulah I. Poteet, 75.

Willow Springs, committeeman, Gilbert Gilges, 122, Wayne McDaniel, 63; committeewoman, Judith L. McDaniel, 62, Kari Woods, 110.


1-1, committeeman, Paul Jefferson; committeewoman, Carol Renzulli.

2-1, committeeman, Steve Lopes; committeewoman, Lois Orth-Lopes.

3-1, committeeman, John Naughtin; committeewoman, Paula W. Naughtin.

4-1, committeeman, no candidate; committeewoman, Colleen Hill.

5-1, committeeman, no candidate; committeewoman, Helen E. Worley.

6-1, no candidates.

1-2, no candidates.

2-2, no candidates.

3-2, committeeman, Ben Zimmerman; committeewoman, no candidate.

4-2, no candidates.

5-2, committeeman, Garth Burns; committeewoman, Deborah S. Burns.

6-2, committeeman, no candidate; committeewoman, Sharon Hackel-Ellenbecker.

7-2, committeeman, Michael M.T. Henderson; committeewoman, Carol Hood Henderson.

8-2, committeeman, Rob Melton; committeewoman, no candidate.

9-2, committeeman, David Berkowitz; committeewoman, Louise M. Silber.

10-2, no candidates.

11-2, no candidates.

12-2, no candidates.

13-2, committeeman, David J. Brown; committeewoman, no candidate.

14-2, committeeman, Dan Owen; committeewoman, Diane C. Low.

15-2, committeeman, Paul Davis; committeewoman, Kathleen T. Davis.

16-2, no candidates.

17-2, committeeman, no candidate; committeewoman, Marilyn R. Greathouse.

18-2, no candidates.

1-3, no candidates.

2-3, committeeman, no candidate; committeewoman, Betty Soppelsa.

3-3, committeeman, Troy Findley; committeewoman, Becky Fast.

4-3, committeeman, Ed Dutton; committeewoman, Jane Ballagh De Tovar.

5-3, no candidates.

6-3, committeeman, no candidate; committeewoman, Lisa Boley.

7-3, committeeman, Richard Powers; committeewoman, Cheryl M. Powers.

8-3, committeeman, Paul W. Findley; committeewoman, Virginia L. Findley.

1-4, no candidates.

2-4, committeeman, Jim Jesse; committeewoman, Ann Jesse.

3-4, no candidates.

4-4, no candidates.

5-4, no candidates.

6-4, no candidates.

1-5, no candidates.

2-5, committeeman, no candidate; committeewoman, Donnis Graham.

1-6, committeeman, Christopher A. Schmid; committeewoman, Helen L. Shepard.

1-7, no candidates.

2-7, no candidates.

3-7, no candidates.

4-7, no candidates.

5-7, no candidates.

4-A, no candidates.

Clinton, committeeman, Alvin H. Schild; committeewoman, Joyce J. Schild.

North Eudora, no candidates.

South Eudora, no candidates.

Central Eudora, committeeman, Brad Thomas Blackwell; committeewoman, no candidate.

Grant, no candidates.

Kanwaka, no candidates.

Lecompton, no candidates.

Big Springs, no candidates.

Marion, no candidates.

North Baldwin, committeeman, Ralph Earles; committeewoman, Dorothy M. Foreman.

South Baldwin, committeeman, Lamonte Lauridsen; committeewoman, no candidate.

Vinland, committeeman, Jim Chappell, 19, Francis M. Zeller, 40; committeewoman, Verdeania V. Zeller.

North Wakarusa, no candidates.

East Wakarusa, committeeman, no candidate; committeewoman, Elsie Hunsigner.

West Wakarusa, no candidates.

Willow Springs, committeeman, no candidate; committeewoman, Alice Henderson.

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