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April 11, 1996


A Colorado pickup truck's windshield was smashed Wednesday night by a rock thrown from the Michigan Street overpass above the Kansas Turnpike.

The Kansas Turnpike Authority said the rock was dropped onto the westbound pickup's windshield about 7:15 p.m. The rock bounced off the windshield, which was cracked, but not destroyed, and still serviceable. The driver and his two young sons weren't injured.

The pickup's driver reported seeing three boys toss the rock. Lawrence police searched the overpass but didn't find anyone.

"Fortunately nobody was injured, but they very easily could have been," said Trooper Brad Bernhardt of the Turnpike Authority.

Bernhardt said the pickup's driver, heading home to Littleton, Colo., with his two sons, decided to spend Wednesday night in Lawrence before moving on today.

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