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April 7, 1996


Here is how you voted in our 1996 comic survey.


1. Better or For Worse 1130 11

2. Baby Blues 719 35

3. Peanuts 621 54

4. Hager the Horrible 545 44

5. Family Circus 541 17

6. Fox Trot 540 47

7. Shoe 539 30

8. Garfield 519 53

9. B.C. 452 22

10. Doonesbury 447 132

11. Sherman's Lagoon 442 101

12. Pickles 435 35

13. Dilbert 435 175

14. Blondie 433 43

15. Non Sequitur 417 69

16. Sally Forth 409 163

17. Born Loser 404 29

18. Beetle Bailey 404 40

19. Pluggers 384 295

20. Better Half 317 168

21. Cathy 285 221

22. Bizarro 272 114

23. Mother Goose and Grim 255 44

24. Jumble 248 114

25. In The Bleachers 234 22

26. Us and Them 220 84

27 Close To Home 201 109

28. Mixed Media 96 227

29. Tank McNamara 74 305

30. Rubes 66 188

31. Mini Page 52 147

32. Mr. Boffo 27 344

33. Judge Parker 24 649

You cast your votes by filling out the ballots we printed in the Journal-World, you voted on our Access Line and you sent us e-mail via the ballot on Journal-World online.

It was interesting that three comics we don't currently publish, Shoe, Non Sequitur and Sherman's Lagoon finished in the top twenty.

There were a lot of comments, along with the yeas and nays.

One astute reader suggested that next time we just list all the comics and people just vote "keep it" or "lose it." We thought it was a great suggestion and we'll do it that way next year.

We thought you'd like to take a look at some of the other comments.

Here goes:

"Avoid strips like Judge Parker, Brenda Starr, Apt. 3-G, Dick Tracy, Mary Worth, and Steve Roper...they're tedious."

"Dilbert makes me laugh like crazy."

"Ditch Dilbert."

"Jumble is not a comic. Get it off the comic page"

"Add Marmaduke." (many)

"It took me a month to figure out what Pluggers was."

"Judge Parker is guilty of being the lamest comic in the paper."

"I hope you aren't going to do this every 6 months."

"Add Family Circus daily."

"Cathy is stupid."

"Trash Doonesbury."

"Even if you don't make any changes, we're very impressed with your comics page, as we are with the whole paper. Keep up the good work and thanks for the opportunity for input."

"Leave out strips that reflect stupidity."

"Sally Forth is dorky."

Several commented that the comic page moves around and is difficult to locate. We're aware of this problem. Without getting into boring details, here's how that works. Our A and C sections must contain the same number of pages. Same for B and D. These fluctuate daily. Comics get involved in this mix and skip from section to section. The easiest way for readers to find the comics is to look at the index on page 1-A.

Changes? We'll be making some.

As a result of the poll, we're canceling Mixed Media, Judge Parker, Us and Them, and Mr. Boffo.

We'll move Jumble to the classified page and bring Pickles to our comic page.

We'll bring back Shoe, Non Sequitur and Sherman's Lagoon.

We'll run Family Circus daily.

We'll add Marmaduke.

We'll surprise you with one or two other changes.

For a couple of reasons, changes in our comic presentation will take a little over a month. One, we have contracts for all of our comics with a 30 day cancellation clause. They involve several syndications. Two, our comic page is paginated (layed-out) in Florida and we get it in one piece. Changes for this process take a few weeks.

Well, you spoke and we listened. We invite your comments after you've seen our new comic presentation.

Thanks to everyone who participated.

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