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April 5, 1996


A Jefferson County sheriff's officer is under investigation for sexual molestation of a minor, authorities said.

Dan Owen, Jefferson County attorney, said a complaint was filed last month with state child welfare authorities accusing the officer of "sexual activity with a minor."

Owen said the complaint was brought to him, prompting him to ask the Kansas Bureau of Investigation to step in. The KBI began investigating the alleged incident after he made his request, Owen said.

Few details about the alleged incident and the investigation were available Thursday. Neither Owen nor Roy Dunnaway, Jefferson County sheriff, would identify the officer, the alleged victim or the person who filed the complaint.

Owen said the alleged incident did not occur in Jefferson County, and he would not identify the location of the offense. He also declined to reveal the minor's age.

Dunnaway said he learned about the allegations this week. Unaware that Owen already had forwarded the complaint to state authorities, Dunnaway called the KBI.

"We requested the KBI to do the investigation, and the officer right now is on administrative leave," Dunnaway said.

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