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April 4, 1996


Several Perry residents voiced their concern over the pesticide Malathion 57-WE, used to eliminate mosquitoes in Perry and its surrounding area. The spray has been causing health concerns especially among asthma sufferers.

Peter Brooks asked the Perry City Council to consider using a less harmful spray known as Biomist. Biomist spray is mosquito-specific and will not cause harm to wildlife and bees, unlike Malathion 57-WE. The council argued that the present spray is authorized by the Environmental Protection Agency and does not pose as a health hazard because it is a diluted form of the toxin.

Mayor Matt Willkomm said the subject would be researched at an upcoming meeting on pest control in Lawrence.

Malathion 57-WE is a cheaper form of pest control costing $22 to $23 a gallon, whereas the competitor's price runs $70 and up. Malathion 57-WE is distributed by Douglas Chemical Company, Liberty, Mo.

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