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September 29, 1995


Why doesn't the Texaco station on 23rd Street have to close one of its driveways now, but if somebody wants to buy it and rebuild, they have to close one of the driveways? It's not that unsafe now. Why would it be later?

Anytime a site is developed or redeveloped, it must be brought up to city standards, said Fred Sherman, the city's transportation planner. If a site's use, layout or buildings do not change, the city does not have a "hammer" to prompt closing of a driveway.

The driveways at the Texaco, 1802 W. 23rd, are too close together, judging by today's standards, Sherman said. One would have to be closed if the site is redeveloped.

"Two driveways were fine back in the early 1970s, when 23rd Street only carried 13,000 vehicles a day," he said. "Today, that section of 23rd Street carries more than 32,000 a day. We have higher standards because of the increased traffic."

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