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September 28, 1995


What are the qualifications to get into Section 8 housing? Does the city mow the lawns at all of the houses?

Charlotte Knoche, director of rental assistance programs for the Lawrence Housing Authority, said eligible applicants for Section 8 housing must:

  • Fill out an application and provide Social Security and birth documentation.
  • Qualify as "very low income" residents, using federal income guidelines. A family of four, for example, could not have an annual gross family income of more than $20,750.
  • Be free of any debts from any previous federally assisted housing program.
  • Not have been arrested for or convicted of any drug-related or violent criminal activity.
  • Be a U.S. citizen or registered as a legal alien.
  • Never have lost housing assistance for breaking rules, such as defrauding the program or leaving a residence without proper notice.

Neither the city nor the housing authority mows lawns for residents in Section 8 housing.

"This is a federal housing assistance program, in which tenants rent from private landlords throughout the community," she said. Either the tenant or the landlord is responsible for lawn maintenance, as specified in a lease.

The housing authority does, however, maintain lawns in other public housing, such as Edgewood Homes, Babcock Place and other multi-unit dwellings, Knoche said. In single-family housing operated by the authority, however, lawn care is the responsibility of the tenants.

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