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September 15, 1995


All KU faculty and staff will be asked to submit recommendations to a chancellor's committee looking to trim KU's bureaucracy.

A chancellor's committee that wants to cut Kansas University administrative fat is seeking a little input. A letter will be mailed to all KU faculty and staff asking how KU can be made more efficient and what parts of the bureaucracy need to go.

The Campuswide Task Force on Administration and Re-engineering may mail out the letters next week, said task force chair Stephen Schroeder.

The letter will ask faculty and staff to make recommendations on administrative savings, streamlining the administration and restructuring it and "re-engineering any and all university processes."

Schroeder said he would like written responses -- no more than two pages in length -- returned to the committee in 10 days to two weeks after the letters are received.

In addition to written comments, people may send suggestions via electronic mail to Schroeder at Schroeder

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