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September 15, 1995


Federal construction officials have recommended awarding a contract to build a new residence hall at Haskell Indian Nations University.

But the bid is now undergoing further review to determine whether the bidder can comply with rules about hiring American Indian subcontractors.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs' Facilities Management and Construction Center in Albuquerque, N.M., has not disclosed the name of the construction company with the low bid or the amount of the bid.

At least four bids for the project were opened Aug. 31, said Keith Miller, a BIA construction manager in Albuquerque.

That was the second round of bidding for the long-delayed construction of the 300-bed residence hall, to be called Dr. Henry Roe Cloud Hall.

Two bids for the project were unsealed May 26, a day after Haskell officials staged a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony for the new building.

But the low $10.4 million bid, submitted by Murray and Sons Construction of Topeka, was $3.5 million higher than what government architects had projected would be a $6.9 million job.

So the government asked for new bids.

This time, a low bid has been recommended for approval, Miller said.

But further evaluation of the bid may not be completed until the end of the month, said Hannes Combest, an assistant to Haskell President Bob Martin.

"It doesn't appear the financial situation will be what stops it," Combest said.

But even if the bidder meets all of the government's requirements, there is another obstacle looming that could cause further delays.

Combest said Haskell officials are worried that a budget impasse in Congress could disrupt the evaluation process in Albuquerque.

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