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September 12, 1995


Central Junior High School's name won't change, but the Lawrence school board wants to ensure that students there realize that the building was constructed as a memorial to students who died during World War I.

During their 55th class reunion this summer, 39 graduates of Liberty Memorial High School signed petitions requesting the school board to restore the Liberty name to the school at 1400 Mass.

This was the third time the school district has been asked to change the school's name. After the second request, in 1992, the school board decided to retain Central as the name the school, but use Liberty Memorial Building for the name of the structure.

Monday night, school board members unanimously agreed to follow that 1992 decision. However, they asked the school district staff to investigate how much it would cost to remove the "Central Junior High School" sign that covers the words "Liberty Memorial High School" that are carved into the structure. Another Central sign would be added at the school.

In addition, board members asked that Central Junior High School staff do all it can to educate students about the building's history.

Two former Central students sit on the school board -- and both supported emphasizing the historical aspects to students.

"As a ninth-grader, it never left an impression on me," said board member Maley Wilkins.

Kerry Altenbernd, who also attended Central, suggested that the structure, at some point, be rededicated as the Liberty Memorial Building.

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