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October 28, 1995


Sunflower School student

One morning, when Stanley woke up, a bulletin board fell on him and he was flat. His brother Arthur yelled to their parents, "Mom, Dad, come quick. A bulletin board fell on Stanley."

When Stanley was walking with his mom, she dropped a valuable ring in a grating. He had an idea. He untied his shoelaces and tied one to each hand and his mom put him in the grating and Stanley got the ring.

His brother Arthur was jealous of Stanley. So the next day, Stanley was a kite to Arthur. But Arthur tied Stanley's string to a tree and Stanley crashed into a tree and their parents were mad at Arthur. When Arthur and Stanley went on a walk with their Dad, Stanley got to be rolled up and his dad put a handle on him. A little while after, it started to rain. Arthur was jealous.

A few days after that, Mr. Dart (head of the Famous Museum of Art) visited the Lambchops. Mr. Dart said, "We're having a problem with some sneak thieves." Then Stanley had an idea. "Why don't I go and pretend to be a painting and as soon as I see them, I'll yell for you and the police."

"What a great idea," said Mr. Dart.

So that night, Stanley went to the museum and waited. As soon as the sneak thieves were in sight, Stanley yelled for Mr. Dart, and the sneak thieves were arrested.

Stanley was a hero.

-- Aaron is a third-grader in Jan Walthall's class at Sunflower School.

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