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October 11, 1995


— A month after it was last discussed before the McLouth school board, the district's human sexuality curriculum remained a hot topic during Monday's board meeting.

Patrons raised concerns ranging from the duration of the coursework to the fact it's being taught to coed classes.

"I just think it's basically unnecessary to have five days a week, six weeks," said a woman who declined to give her name and identified herself to the board as the mother of five children. "I just raised our children successfully without all that."

Darrell and Pamela Mooney, who have children attending McLouth schools, said they thought boys and girls should be split up during sexuality classes.

"I think it should be promoting modesty, and I don't think you can do that in a coed setting," Darrell Mooney said.

Last month, the board discussed the curriculum as part of an ongoing series of coursework reports. Gerard Aligo, health education instructor, said the district incorporated an "opt-out" policy in which students who choose not to study sexuality are given alternative assignments.

Aligo said letters are sent to parents two weeks in advance to explain coursework, and parents have the option of withholding their children from lessons on certain topics.

Kyle Keling, board president, acknowledged that the curriculum was a sensitive issue and urged the speakers to fill out course complaint forms. He said their concerns would be addressed when the curriculum undergoes a more extensive review later this school year.

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