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October 2, 1995


Kansas University Chancellor Robert Hemenway will participate in an event billed as a "town meeting" to discuss diversity on Tuesday night.

But the format and exactly what will happen at the event is unclear, as an organizer and the chancellor have different views on its purpose.

"Hopefully, we will get the chancellor to give his blueprint of his agenda on what diversity in the university will be," said Gregory Leon Frost, chair of the Black Faculty and Staff Council and co-chair of the KU Coalition of the Lawrence Alliance.

The KU Coalition and the Multicultural Resource Center are sponsoring the event, titled, "A Town Meeting With Chancellor Hemenway: The Importance of Diversity in Building Community."

It will be held from 6:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Jayhawk Room of the Kansas Union.

"I think we'll have an opportunity to really ask him (Hemenway) what is his agenda," Frost said.

But Hemenway said his understanding is that the event is not meant to be a forum for him to outline his blueprint for diversity at KU.

"My understanding was that this was to be a panel discussion," he said. "I don't consider myself the convener or lead speaker of this group.

"I didn't see it as necessarily tied to KU," Hemenway said, adding he believed the event is being held for a philosophical discussion about diversity, in general.

The event is being held as part of the Diversity Dialogue Series, a series of monthly discussion groups scheduled through January.

Frost said that at KU, one of the most pressing issues of diversity is that the campus only has 30 black faculty members.

Many of them, he said, are nearing retirement age.

"That 30 can shrink to a real critical number," he said. "He (Hemenway) did a real good job at Kentucky increasing the number of faculty of color."

Frost said he believed many people at KU "want to hear from the new leader what his agenda is."

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