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November 28, 1995


Kansas football coach Glen Mason won't talk about the vacancy at Rutgers.

"I don't have time for rumors and speculation," Mason said Monday. "I don't care if it's Rutgers or the University of the United States of America. It's all BS. It's a waste of time."

As soon as Rutgers fired head coach Doug Graber early Monday afternoon, Mason's phone began ringing. Media in the Garden State -- and they are considerable -- want to know if he's interested.

"I ain't gonna talk to them," Mason said during a session with local media. "I'm happy at Kansas. The only person I talked to in New Jersey is my mother."

Since Mason was born in New Jersey and since his mother lives down the road from New Brunswick, home of Rutgers, the Kansas head coach seems a natural to succeed Graber.

However, the natural world and the real world aren't always the same.

"He's not going anywhere if it's not the Ohio State job," a long-time Mason friend said. "He's worked hard at Kansas and has put in a big investment, and he's not going to leave that for Rutgers."

Mason is an Ohio State graduate and a former assistant coach with the Buckeyes.

Nevertheless, Mason stopped short Monday of saying he wouldn't listen if someone from Rutgers called and made him an offer. Then again, that's an unwritten law of the coaching profession.

Asked what he would want to hear in an offer, Mason replied: "Cash. We're talking cash."

Rutgers is reportedly willing to come up with a $400,000 package to lure an established head coach. Graber's annual salary was $154,150 and his package -- TV, endorsements, etc. -- was almost twice that.

Mason's current salary is $101,920. He's expected to receive a 2 1/2 percent raise in Jan. 1 when the university-imposed six-month salary hike deferral ends. Like Graber, Mason's total package is approximately twice as large as his salary.

"I understand people are going to be interested in Glen," KU ahtletic director Bob Frederick said Monday. "He and I have talked very openly about all this. He has a five-year rollover contract, and we're going to continue to roll it over and make it as good as we can for him here."

Mason's contract, Frederick said, does not contain a buyout clause. As of late Monday afternoon, Frederick said no one from Rutgers' administration had called to ask permission to talk to Mason.

While Rutgers searches, Mason vows he will continue to recruit and prepare for the Jayhawks' impending Aloha Bowl game against UCLA. The KU contingent will leave on Dec. 19 for the Christmas Day game.

"Until we leave on the 19th, I'm hittin' and gettin'," Mason said. "I don't want any distractions. I'm taking my kids and I'm not going to be on the phone very much."

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