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November 17, 1995


Wait, students. Before you go and purchase that Jayhawk tie or beret for your dad as a Christmas present, you might consider a stocking stuffer he might actually use.

Kansas' basketball media guide, which is actually an 188-page book, is on sale for $10 on a limited basis at KU Sports Information in Allen Fieldhouse.

Trust me, KU sports information director Dean Buchan's creation will go on dad's table in the den, not in the closet.

The records and scores are of great help to the media. Personality tidbits are interesting, too. Here are some examples lifted from this year's guide.

Sean Pearson: Calls Eddie Jones the best athlete he's guarded ... appeared in the movie "Hoop Dreams," a documentary about ex-Marquette player William Gates ... likes chocolate.

Calvin Rayford: Calls Jason Kidd the best he's played against ... nickname is C. Pearl ... best friend on another team is ex-Jayhawk Ben Davis of Arizona ... favorite book is "The Epic of Gilgamesh."

T. J. Whatley: Calls Donnie Boyce the best he's played against ... initials stand for Thomas Jerrell ... favorite class is Calculus II ... is afraid of heights.

Jerod Haase: Calls Grant Hill the best he's competed against ... middle name is Albert ... chose jersey No. 35 because his brother wore it in high school.

Scot Pollard: Asked which team he'd like added to the schedule, he replied, "Utah." Coincidence, Utah was added to the Jayhawks' slate AFTER Pollard filled out his media guide questionnaire. Why Utah? His dad, Pearl, was a standout for the Utes ... wears No. 31 because his dad wore it ... best friend from another team is Peter Bates of SMU ... doesn't like to talk about the future.

Jacque Vaughn: Says the toughest thing about being an athlete is "the constant microscope you are put under." ... superstitions include: 'No whistling in the house, no hats on the bed and never let someone step over you.' ... chose jersey No. 11 because it coincides with his birthday of Feb. 11.

B.J. Williams: Calls Richard Scott the best athlete he's played against (at practice) ... initials stand for Billy, Jr ... he's 6-8, while brother Darrin, a senior at Wichita South, is 6-5 ... teams he's played on in high school and college are a combined 143-20 for an .877 winning percentage.

Raef LaFrentz: Calls Ryan Minor the best athlete he's played against ... would like to see Wisconsin added to the schedule ... parents chose the name Raef from the movie "Home From the Hill," starring George Peppard ... plans on being a chiropractor.

C.B. McGrath: Calls Virginia's Harold Deane the best athlete he's played against ... wants to be a doctor ... once air-balled 10 of 11 three-pointers in a sixth-grade national AAU contest.

Billy Thomas: Calls Ray Allen the best athlete he's played against ... would like to see LSU on the schedule ... Mark Young of K-State is his best friend from another college team.

Paul Pierce: Also terms Eddie Jones the best athlete he's played against ... would like to play Kentucky (at Allen Fieldhouse) ... as a superstition wears black socks under his regular socks.

T.J. Pugh: Calls ex-Jayhawk and Omaha Racer Cedric Hunter the best he's played against ... has a 17-year-old dog ... broke four bones in a span of a year and a half in high school ...initials stand for Thomas Joseph.

Ryan Robertson: Calls Kevin Garnett the best he's played against ... best friends from another college team are Missouri's Corey Tate and Chip Walther ... loves the theater and acting.

Travis Williams: His dad's name is Roy, not THAT Roy ... once worked as a car hop at Sonic ... idol is Horace Grant.

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