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November 17, 1995


ESPN2 -- also known as The Deuce -- is coming to Sunflower Cablevision.

ESPN's sibling network, aimed mostly at the younger sports viewer, will be available on Channel 37 on the local cable outlet.

Start date is Nov. 25, not coincidentally the same day as the Kansas-Utah basketball game, the first of four KU men's games scheduled on ESPN2. The others are Rice on Dec. 7, East Tennessee State on Jan. 4 and St. Peter's on Jan. 15.

In addition, ESPN2 will show two Kansas women's games -- Penn State on Dec. 16 and Colorado on Feb. 14.

Since its debut in October of 1993 with 10 million potential viewers, The Deuce has grown to 26 million potential viewers and is available in the nation's top 100 demographic markets.

"ESPN2 is a marriage of Madison Avenue and sports," said Luke Fair, a network account executive. "There are a lot of young men with money to spend on CDs, Chevy trucks and blue jeans. ESPN2 was started to show hip sports."

In addition to covering numerous college basketball games, ESPN2 also carries more NHL games than ESPN.

"The demographics of the NHL is younger," Fair said, "so we shifted most of the NHL schedule to the Deuce."

ESPN2 will be available for the first time at 6:30 a.m. on Nov. 25. The first offering will be SportsSmash, a quick-hitting highlights show featuring events played the night before.

In many markets, ESPN and ESPN2 are on adjacent channels. However, ESPN will stay on channel 18 while ESPN2 will debut on channel 37, according to Dennis Knipfer, general manager of Sunflower Cablevision.

"But we may do some channel realignment in the future," Knipfer said.

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