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November 14, 1995


A proposal to charge tuition for students from outside the Lawrence school district was rejected by school board members Monday night, after they were told it actually would cost the district money.

If the district charged tuition -- as was originally proposed by school district staff -- the state would subtract that amount from the monies that are provided each year to the local district. The estimated tuition charge was $1,400 annually.

If the district does not charge tuition of nonresident students, the Lawrence district would receive about $3,600 in state aid for each of those students each year.

Supt. Al Azinger said he still would like to change the district's policy on nonresident students to ensure one policy applies to all such students. One concern, he said, is that nonresident students could contribute to overcrowding in Lawrence schools.

However, under a new policy administrators would determine which schools nonresidents would attend. In some cases -- say if a nonresident student joined a class that contained 17 or 18 students -- the additional costs would be low. However, too many nonresident students could mean another teacher should be added.

"That's why it's important the policy have in it discretion by administration," Azinger said.

He said he likely will return to the board in January with a new policy.

The district staff determined that the proposed policy would cost the district money as staff tried to answer questions that some board members raised on Oct. 23, the last time the policy was discussed.

"I'm glad we found it out when we did, but I wish we'd found it out a little sooner than we did," Azinger said.

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