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November 6, 1995


After living in Lawrence for nearly a month, Sophia Tate is doing just fine, thank you.

Sophie, as her parents call her, is the recently adopted daughter of Lawrence High School Principal Brad Tate and his wife, Susan, who teaches English at LHS.

At 7 1/2 months, she's captured the hearts of her new parents. That's understandable. She has a lively personality and is a real doll.

The Tates traveled to China last month to adopt Sophie, whose Chinese name was Wu Xiaoqiong. They named her Sophia, a name they both liked.

"We wanted to have a child together, and we just decided that this was the best way for us," Susan Tate, 33, said. "The children are available in China, and they need homes."

So far, Sophie and her parents have adjusted well to one another, despite jetlag that struck all three of them after they arrived home Oct. 11.

The Tates were told that Sophie was abandoned on a road in her hometown of Xiamen, which is about 250 miles north of Hong Kong. She was living in an orphanage in Xiamen when the Tates adopted her through a St. Louis agency.

"Everything was very smooth," said Susan Tate, who is taking eight weeks of leave from her teaching job and will work part time next semester.

As Sophie grows older, her parents will take cues from her about how much she wants to investigate her native country and cultures.

Although Brad Tate, 56, has had children, Sophie is Susan's first. As expected, having a baby has been something of an adjustment.

"A day with her," Susan Tate said, "is more exhausting than I thought it would be."

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