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May 27, 1995


What will the city use the two old fire station buildings for after they relocate?

No decision has been made on what will be done with the buildings because no decision has been made on whether the existing stations will be relocated, Fire Chief Jim McSwain said.

If the proposal is adopted by the city, McSwain said, it is possible that the existing No. 2 station at 1941 Haskell would be put to a new use by the fire department. The building could be used for maintenance work or for storage and housing of equipment used by the department's four special response teams.

Regarding the No. 4 station at 2819 Stonebarn Ter., McSwain said he was committed to following the pledge the city made before the station was built in 1982 in the old Frazier Barn.

City officials pledged at that time that any future use of the building would be compatible with the neighborhood.

He said three possible options for reusing the building came to mind. One would be to use it for a new ambulance station. The second would be to remove the garage area and use it as a single-family residence. The third would require that a floor be laid in the garage area and the building converted to townhomes. One townhome would be in what is now the garage area of the fire station and the second would be in the stone section on the building.

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