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May 11, 1995


We live in a very nice neighborhood and we have someone who doesn't mow their lawn. What can we do to have this person mow their yard?

Gayle Weyland, the city's environmental inspector, offers this advice:

"Call our weed inspections number, 832-3115, and speak with the weed inspector. Or leave a message on the voice mail. They don't need to leave their name. Give us the correct address of where the problem is, and the inspector will go out and check it to see if it meets the criteria for abatement.

"If it does, the property owner will be sent a notice -- a notice of violation, that they need to mow or trim their property. The abatement date is 10 days from the mailing of the notice.

"If they do not comply, then the city has a rotating list of mowing contractors, and then they go out and mow the property. And the property owner is charged for the service -- usually about $45, plus a $25 administrative fee.

"It's much more cost-effective if the owners take care of it themselves."

To qualify as a violation, a yard must have overgrown grass or leaves at least a foot tall, Weyland said. Inspectors usually conduct inspections within a day or two of an initial complaint.

Before calling in the city cavalry, of course, there is another option.

"If they feel comfortable, they can go talk to their neighbor first, if they think that would be beneficial," Weyland said. "Otherwise, they can call the city."

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