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May 6, 1995


What happened to the traffic signals at 33rd and Iowa? Originally, north-south traffic could move quickly through the intersection, but now the light for that traffic is red for a very long time.

Construction crews are rebuilding 33rd Street and adding a right-turn lane on Iowa Street, all in conjunction with the new Target store scheduled to open near the intersection in August, said David Woosley, the city's traffic engineer.

The construction has forced removal of traffic-detecting "loops" in the pavement, making it impossible for traffic signals to react to traffic loads, Woosley said. Instead, a preset timer keeps the signals on a continuous red-green-amber schedule, which at times may prove frustrating for waiting motorists.

"Instead of being actuated by the traffic, it just runs the same time day or night," Woosley said.

The traffic-sensitive signals should be reinstalled sometime this summer, he said.

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