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May 6, 1995


Bike helmets will be given away and sold at reduced cost today as part of Lawrence Memorial Hospital's annual Children's Health Fair.

Still need to get a bike helmet for your son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson or granddaughter?

You might take them today to the annual Lawrence Memorial Hospital Children's Health Fair.

The fair will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the food court area of the Lawrence Riverfront Plaza Factory Outlets.

"We've gotten enough money to give away a little over 800 helmets," said Heidi Oberrieder, community education coordinator at the hospital.

The helmet project is sponsored by the Lawrence chapter of the Kansas Safe Kids Coalition. Bob Frederick, Kansas University's athletic director, chaired the solicitation effort for the helmets.

"We have three different sizes -- a toddler, a youth and an adult," Oberrieder said. "I think the biggest problem with helmets is, first of all, they don't wear them and, second of all, they don't wear them properly."

Most people wear them on the back of their head, but the proper way to wear them is directly on top of the head, covering the forehead, she said.

Some children say they don't want to wear them because of the helmet's looks.

"I tell them to personalize it," Oberrieder said.

Letters were sent the homes of Lawrence students who get free or reduced lunches so they could receive free helmets, she said. Other children can buy the helmets for $8.50, which is the cost from the dealer. If all 800 helmets are sold or given away Saturday, orders will be taken for more at the reduced price, she said.

Besides the helmet project, the Children's Health Fair will offer participants vision checks, height and weight checks and 12 other informational booths.

Immunizations will also be available, and a family safety checklist will be distributed to each participant at the fair, she said.

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