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March 16, 1995


— Several NCAA basketball games will be on area radio stations for fans who can't stand television announcers.

the Golden Throat Syndrome.

The team you've been following all season steps onto the court in the NCAA basketball tournament, and the television announcer refers to your favorite player by the wrong first name.

Or worse, the announcers are so enthralled with a single player of the opposing team -- for example, Jason Kidd vs. that red and blue team from the Midwest a few years ago -- that your team is hardly mentioned.

Oops. Wait a minute, the red and blue team won. See you next game, folks.

But there's a simple solution to those annoyances: Turn down the television and click on the radio.

Although CBS has a virtual broadcast monopoly on the tournament -- the network carries both television and national radio broadcasts -- it's less likely that radio announcers will be talking about each other's personal lives and other topics that have nothing to do with the game.

"TV guys can afford to do that," said Bob Newton, general manager of KLWN-KLZR radio and producer/engineer of the Jayhawk Radio Network. "They think they don't have to describe what's going on because the action is right there in front of you."

CBS' announcers for tonight's Kansas University-Colgate game will be Sean McDonough and Bill Raftery. Tipoff is at 6:40 p.m.

From a fan's perspective, those two have caused less groaning and booing by the KU faithful watching the games in local bars than have other television announcers.

McDonough and Raftery also will call Saturday's second-round game in Dayton, Ohio, a spokeswoman at CBS in New York said.

Many KU fans already turn down their television sets in favor of the Jayhawk Radio Network, where Bob Davis and Max Falkenstien call play-by-play.

Does it happen more during the tournament?

"I don't have any scientific evidence, but my guess would be that a lot of fans want to listen to Bob and Max, but there are others who are curious and want to see what they're saying about (KU) nationally," Newton said.

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