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March 8, 1995


Bob Frederick has made clear his opposition to gambling.

Frederick, Kansas' athletic director who also is chair of the NCAA Div. I men's basketball committee, earlier this year led a movement that explored the possibility of denying Final Four credentials to any newspaper that printed point spreads on college games.

The committee backed off on those threats, though the gambling issue is still being studied.

Frederick gives his own stamp of approval to the traditional NCAA Tournament office pool.

"Most office pools I'm aware of have been of a dollar variety," Frederick said. "We're talking degree here. Most people who fill out office pools do it once a year. I think that's different than betting on a game."

Frederick, speaking to the national media via teleconference Tuesday, said he takes part in one pool, though no money is at stake.

"In my own home, with four sons and my wife, we have our own tournament pool," he said. "There are no monetary stakes. We talk about going out to dinner, who will do the cooking and cleaning up. Probably most times we've never collected, but it's been fun to watch the course of the tournament."

Frederick and eight other committee members will congregate Thursday at the Kansas City Hyatt and begin the process of selecting the 35 at-large teams for the 64-team tournament. The bracket will be released Sunday.

Some continue to wonder whether Kansas, with its glossy 22-4 record, will gain the No. 1 seed in the Midwest Regional. Two victories in either Austin, Texas, or Dayton, Ohio, would mean a trip to Kansas City's Kemper Arena for the regional semis and finals.

Under the current rules, KU would be eligible to play in Kemper.

"If a team plays more than three regular season games on a court, it could not participate there in the tournament," Frederick said, noting postseason games do not count toward the limit of three. KU has played one game in Kemper this year.

"The institution does not have all the tickets for (conference) tournament games. They are split up between all the schools," Frederick said.

As to how the No. 1 seeds are chosen, Frederick said: "We rank all the teams 1 through 64. After doing that, we see how the top four teams fit geographically. If two teams are from the same area, the team with the higher seed would stay in its own area."

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