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July 16, 1995


Mae Swim is making a big name for herself in swimming in Lawrence.

Swim, a native of Hiawatha, moved to Lawrence this past summer to swim for the Lawrence Aquahawks. Swim and the Aquahawks swam in the Roger Hill Invitational Saturday at Municipal Pool.

Swim and her mother, Joyce, drove an hour to St. Joseph, Mo. in past years. But after the St. Joseph team underwent problems, Mae and Joyce moved to Lawrence, an hour and a half from Hiawatha.

"I was swimming for St. Joe and they quit their team," said Swim, who will be a freshman at Hiawatha. "My parents talked to (Aquahawk coach) Bryan (Beatty) about swimming and it wasn't that far away. He's a good coach and his swimmers are good."

Swim finished third in the A division of the 50 freestyle with a time of 30 seconds. Swim posted a time of 2:31.08 in the 200 freestyle, finishing second in the B division.

"I don't think Mae knows how good she can be," Beatty said. "She can be great in other events and not just in the 50 free. She's learning other events and that's part of the enjoyment of swimming."

In addition to making adjustments in the sport, Swim has had to adjust to a summer in Lawrence.

"It's OK. I miss my friends back home," Swim said. "But it's what I want to do. My ultimate goal is to go to the Olympics, but that's a long time away."

The normal routine for Swim is to swim from 5 a.m. to 6:45 a.m., run from 3:15 to 4:15 p.m., then hit the pool again from 4:15 to 6 p.m.

"It's pretty hard," Swim said. "I don't do anything except swim and sleep."

As for mom?

"She goes out, talks with her friends and goes shopping," Swim joked.

Former KU butterfly swimmer Rick Morrison suggested the move for Swim to swim with the Aquahawks.

"She wants to get a scholarship and being from a small town, everyone says she has a lot of potential," Joyce Swim said.

The Swims will continue to drive to Lawrence in the fall on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. A move to Lawrence in the future is likely for the family.

"I kind of like it here in Lawrence," Swim said. "There are a lot more things to do than in Hiawatha."

Joy Stover defeated teammate Kristen Van Saun in the 200 freestyle with a time of 2:14.62. Ten yards after the start, Stover's goggles fell off, but she came back to win.

"She thought for a split second about stopping, but we were yelling for her to go," Beatty said. "She made it into a game to catch up with everybody. It would have been a great swim if she hadn't lost her goggles."

The Roger Hill Invitational will continue today at 8:15 a.m. at Municipal Pool.

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