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January 14, 1995


Kansas basketball coach Roy Williams on some of the actions taken at the NCAA Convention:

  • Member schools voted down a proposal which would have allowed student-athletes to work during the school year as long as their pay did not exceed $1,500.

"We signed a $1.275 billion TV contract for men's basketball, and it's only for men's basketball, and we're so daggum stupid we tell kids they can't have a job?" Williams asked.

Those against the proposal believed some schools might promise jobs in the recruiting process.

"We're so daggum stupid we can't trust our neighbor so we vote it down. I can't trust Norm Stewart and Norm Stewart can't trust me and I can't trust Joe Harrington and Joe can't trust me," he said, citing a hypothetical example. "We penalized kids because of our ignorant attitude. What we're doing is taking $1.275 billion and sticking it in our pocket and having kids worry they can't go out and eat because if they do they'll lose a meal at the dorm," he added.

  • Member schools voted to give scholarships to non-qualifiers and let them practice. However, they still cannot play in games their freshman seasons.

In the past, non-qualifiers had to pay their own way for a full year.

"I thought we should always have had a young man who is ineligible receive a scholarship," Williams said. "That's more important to me than practicing. In the past you'd penalize them twice. They couldn't play and also had to pay for it.

"I'm against anything that has an SAT or ACT score tied to it," he added. "There are many examples of kids who do not do well on tests but do well in the classroom."

  • The Great Eight basketball tournament was not granted exempt status. Teams that play in the ESPN event will have their appearance counted as one of 27 games.

"It wasn't exempt this year, either, so it's not changed any," Williams said, noting he had no strong feelings about that subject.

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