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February 26, 1995


Add Norm Stewart to the list of those who compare Jerod Haase to Rex Walters.

Stewart, who in the past criticized ex-Kansas shooting guard Walters for his inspired play, issued similar comments about Haase following Missouri's 88-69 loss to Kansas Saturday at Allen Fieldhouse.

"Haase had a good ballgame. He's a guy that plays intensely all the time," Stewart, MU's veteran coach, said.

"He ought to stop all of the shenanigans. I mean, we had guys doing that at the first of the season, falling down and trying to pull people on top of you. That's nonsense. He ought to quit that . It takes away from his game. I'm not coaching him, but he's a good player."

Haase, KU's sophomore shooting guard, scored a career-high 26 points on seven-of-13 shooting. He also hit the deck four times after getting hammered by Tigers on the fast break.

While Haase was gunning down Mizzou, the Tigers were missing one of their top guns, Julian Winfield. The junior forward suffered a pulled quadricep in practice last Tuesday and missed his second straight game.

"You can't let that figure into it. You've got to overcome injuries," Stewart said. "You lose players and until you get down to four, you've got to keep playing if you want to win. You try not to let that creep in. But after the ballgame, you can talk about being a little slim."

Winfield is averaging 11.6 points and 7.9 rebounds.

"I told Julian after the game 'Please get well Julian, please get well'," Sammie Haley said.

Haley and his twin brother, Simeon, who usually subs for Sammie, both started. They combined for 25 points and 19 rebounds.

"That helped us a lot," Sammie said. "We're always looking over our shoulders for each other coming in and that's to our advantage not to do that. But we showed we can play with each other for a period of time against any big team in the country. Kansas is definitely one of the biggest teams in the country."

And one of the most physical as the 7-1 twins found out.

"This is Kansas and Missouri -- the biggest game since Illinois. They're going to let us play," Sammie said. "They've got three good big men and we were just trying to play with them as hard as possible. The guys are 240, 250 and Simeon and I at the most soaking wet are 230. You've just got to play aggressively."

"I got a headache now," Simeon said. "I've never played football, but I know what the players feel like now."

The Haleys helped Missouri jump to a 18-6 lead with 13:43 left in the first half. But KU went on a 25-4 run over the next eight minutes for a 31-22 lead.

"We played with good enthusiasm and intensity, but maybe a little more emotionally at first and that drains you," Stewart said. "We need to play with more intensity and enthusiasm than emotion."

Mizzou cut the lead to 47-44 five minutes into the second half. But KU went on a 10-0 run and cruised afterwards. Haase had seven of KU's points in that surge.

"The bugaboo we've had all year is we come out in the second half, get back in the ball game at 48-44 and we've got the basketball and have it on two trips and we can't get a good shot," Stewart said. "That's been the bugaboo all year long. We need to be consistent and prove to ourselves we can do that."

"When we do, we're a good basketball team, when we don't, we're so-so. You can't be so-so against a team like Kansas when they have as many weapons as they have."

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