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February 16, 1995


Douglas County farmers won't receive their annual change of value notices at the same time as residential and commercial property owners.

Douglas County Appraiser Marion Johnson told county commissioners Wednesday night that the state Division of Property Valuation still has not issued this year's values for various types of agricultural land. Litigation in two Kansas counties has slowed the annual process of determining the values.

Johnson had planned to mail change of value notices for all 30,000 Douglas County parcels on Feb. 28. Commissioners agreed with Johnson's suggestion that he stick to that schedule for residential and commercial property but postpone mailing the change of value notices on more than 3,000 parcels of agricultural land until the state issues this year's valuation table.

Johnson said he hoped to mail the notices on agricultural land by March 21.

``If you live in a rural residence that doesn't have an ag use, you're going to get a notice'' soon after Feb. 28, Johnson said.

By the same token, farmers will be receiving notices on separate residential parcels in the first mailing but won't get notices on agricultural parcels until next month.

The change of value notices will list a property's appraised value for this year. Property taxes for 1995 will be computed from the mill levies that local governments approve this summer.

Johnson has said last year's appraisals found values were an average of 8.5 percent higher across the county.

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