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February 1, 1995


Jacque Vaughn took two shots to the face on Tuesday night.

The second-half blows were delivered by the same player -- Colorado reserve guard Leroy Carter -- whose elbows were flailing in the Jayhawks' 99-77 victory over the Buffs at Allen Fieldhouse.

"He liked guarding me," Vaughn, KU's point guard, said, grinning. "I don't think I'll be sending him any Valentine's Day cards, but if there's an award for aggressiveness, he gets it."

Vaughn took "a nice smack across the eye and lip by No. 11" with 7:48 left. Because of a bloody lip, Vaughn had to leave and let Jerod Haase shoot and hit two free throws. Earlier, with 12:19 left, Vaughn "got a nice shot under the left eye by the same guy."

Vaughn did not accuse Carter of unsportsmanlike conduct.

"I don't want to call it dirty defense. I won't say that," Vaughn said. "You didn't hear that from me. It was definitely aggressive."

Vaughn finished with six assists and nine points.

"It might get frustrating at times. Maybe you know a guy just grabbed your jersey when you were going up for a pass or wrapped his hand on your wrist when you were going for a layup and it went unnoticed," Vaughn said.

Vaughn, who left the game briefly to get retaped in the first half after spraining his right ankle, was called for a delay of game while preparing to shoot a second-half free throw.

A player must release within 10 seconds of receiving the ball.

"Well, I've been shooting that way the whole year. I won't change anything," Vaughn said, who normally beats the clock by a second or two.

On the whole, the Jayhawks were not lethargic the second half, scoring 61 points after listening to a fiery halftime talk by coach Roy Williams.

"It was like he was igniting a fire," Vaughn said. "He said, 'Why waste the effort we put into our 70-some practices?'

It was not his best, but a good one," Vaughn added. "A couple, it seemed like I'd start crying I was ready to play so bad after hearing him."

Zero for two: Scot Pollard missed a pair of technical foul shots after CU's Mack Tuck was whistled with 1:31 left.

"I asked Scot if he ever was chosen to shoot technical fouls. He said no. I said, 'Go ahead and shoot 'em,'" Williams said. "He missed both. I said, 'That's your last time.'"

Pollard hit six of nine free throws and scored 10 points with three boards. "He did some nice things," Williams noted.

Haase's leg: Jerod Haase (14 points, four-of-13 shooting) still is hobbled by a left calf bruise.

"I was worried about Jerod's leg tonight," said KU trainer Mark Cairns. "Yesterday it wasn't very good. This morning it wasn't very good but it came around tonight."

He said Haase's practice time might be limited today.

Strong second half: Raef LaFrentz, who scored 12 points and had 13 boards, had 10 points and 11 boards the second half.

"I chewed on him a little bit at halftime, maybe more than anybody else, but he's got to get more aggressive," Williams said. "For the last couple weeks, he's been more tentative than he needs to be."

Stats, facts: Greg Ostertag (nine points, 10 boards) had one block. He needs two to tie and three to break Stacey King's all-time league rejection mark. ... KU hit nine of 26 threes. Billy Thomas had three treys in six tries, while Haase was two of six, Vaughn two of three and Pearson two of seven. ... KU hit 34 of 50 free throws to CU's six of 20...

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