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December 5, 1995


Lawrence cosmetologist puts a new twist on hair extensions.

If you don't have hair like Rapunzel, Christina Collins, Lawrence, can add an extension using human hair to make you look like you do.

Collins, 25, is a cosmetologist and hair specialist for Hair Builders, 5329 W. 94th Ter., Overland Park. She uses a natural technique of extending hair.

"What we do is a form of hair extension that is not damaging to the hair," Collins said. "What we do is a patented method that actually promotes hair growth."

Her technique uses human hair implants imported from Romania, Europe and Indonesia and applies each hair piece directly to existing hair.

"There is a similar method that would use wax, but if the client sunbathes in a tanning booth, the wax would melt together and the extension could not be removed and the hair gets damaged," Collins said.

Collins studied cosmetology at Hair Benders in Lawrence and works with Shawn and Sue Seeley at Hair Builders. In addition to the nine months that Collins studied at Hair Benders, she also studied independently for six months learning the unique method of hair extensions.

"We have to make sure that it (the hair extension) is kept root to point," Collins explained.

Matching the hair extension's cuticle to the customer's existing hair cuticle helps the extension to blend and will keep the hair from tangling.

The hair extensions work to match the clients existing hair. Some of Collins' clients are women that have lost their hair because of illness or medical treatments.

"I had a client that had a brain tumor and they (doctors) had to shave one side of her head," Collins said. "She was crying when she left, because she was so surprised that the extension matched her hair so well."

Collins also treats damaged hair and matches extensions to men with thinning hair.

Clients can wash their hair at home, but have to return to the shop periodically for reconditioning. Maintenance involves taking down one-third of the extension, washing both the extension and the clients hair and adding extra hair to refresh the hairstyle.

"We have customers from entertainers to corporate women to farmers," Collins said. "You would never guess who is wearing a hair extension."

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